Lighting Up Your World with Venetian Glass Lamps

Venetian glass lamps

The lighting you choose for your home most likely has a much larger impact than you would think. Not only do lamps provide illumination for cooking, reading, and other tasks, but the lamp itself becomes an important part of the decor. Choose Venetian glass lamps for the ultimate in understated elegance while lighting up your world.

You could choose any old lamps if all you want to do is shed some light within your room. But consider this: lamps are not only the source of your light, but lamps themselves serve as decorative objects. You’re missing an opportunity if you view lamps as purely a source of illumination and nothing more.

When it comes to choosing the right lamps for your home, you may already know that fine hand-crafted Venetian glass lamps originate from the glass-making island of Murano in Venice, Italy. Here you’ll find generations of skilled glassmakers who painstakingly create the finest glass table lamps and hand down their knowledge from one generation to the next over the past several centuries.

You can find Venetian lamps in a wide variety of styles and shapes to perfectly complement your room decor. If you are looking for a simple style of lamp, consider an elegant clear glass lamp that allows the pure beauty of the hand-blown glass base to shine through. If you are looking for lamps with a bit more ornamentation, you’ll find elegant gold and white Venetian glass lamps that showcase the glass craftsman’s talents and become an artistic centerpiece for the room.

While a single Venetian glass lamp makes an exquisite statement in a room, sometimes your room will benefit from a pair of lamps. For example, a bedroom can look lopsided if only one of the nightstands hosts a lamp; you need a set for symmetry. It’s also a similar case in many living rooms, where a pair of beautiful table lamps can create the perfect frame for a sofa or loveseat. With a set of two matched Venetian glass lamps, you are ensured of plenty of light and your room benefits from twice the artistic impact, as well.

Don’t neglect the lighting in your home when you are creating your stylish and comfortable environment. Be sure that you have adequate lighting for tasks and for setting a mood, but also take the time to choose lamps that bring elegance to the environment. Hand-crafted Venetian glass table lamps serve perfectly in both of these roles.

decorating with Venetian glass lamps

Venetian glass lamps


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