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hand-blown Venetian glass lamp from Murano (italy)

Neoclassic Style Inlaid Chest

Round Murano glass mirror

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Venetian Glass Lamps. Collection of gorgeous Venetian glass lamps made of genuine Murano glass. On the tiny island of Murano in Venice, renowned as the Isle of Glass, the art of hand-blown glass goes back to the Renaissance. Our Venetian glass lamps are hand-made in Murano using 18th-century techniques perfected by generations of highly skilled artisans.

While a single Venetian glass lamp makes an exquisite statement in a room, sometimes your room will benefit from a pair of lamps. For example, a bedroom can look lopsided if only one of the nightstands hosts a lamp; you really need a set for symmetry. It's also a similar case in many living rooms, where a pair of beautiful table lamps can create the perfect frame for a sofa or loveseat. With a set of two matched Venetian glass lamps, you are ensured of plenty of light and your room benefits from twice the artistic impact, as well.

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