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Grand hotel cabinets. Who wouldn’t want to own the wall cabinet of the Ritz Hotel concierge in Paris? Not too large, but not small. Spaces for keys, mail, wallets, and mislaid purses, newspapers and the occasional bottle of Moet Chandon. Packages large and small, umbrellas, city maps, and phone books. Drawers to hold miscellany. A microcosm of human needs…

Interior featuring Cape Cod golfer's locker cabinet, Secretaire desk with pull-out writing top and Pursers desk chair, half mile ray searchlight; all are available at

Grand Hotel Secretaire. Don’t be fooled by its elegant appearance. This desk holds some serious surprises and secrets. Two stacked units offer campaign style compact storage. No wasted space here. Create a workspace in close quarters by sliding out the desktop. Your knees will thank you. At the same time, you access a secret document box in the back. Big enough to store personals, stacks of banknotes and your first love letters. Check out the lustrous French finish and the intricate joinery. Seductive while still utterly composed.

Filing cabinets are essentially boring entities. Choice-wise there’s not much out there. Grandeur and elegance are not associated with the domain of organization. Stashing your files in a Herm’s backpack or a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, while certainly fancy, is not overly accessible. Compare these with our two-drawer file cabinets. Ready to travel. They roll needed at the push of a finger. Laden with written treasures, documents, papers of content… Brassbound, wood, these cabinets are made to be handed down through generations.

Drawer cabinets. The protagonist of one of my favorite crime novels would have liked our drawer cabinets to clean up a mess of papers on his office desk. Smartly wheeled around on invisible rollers, large spacious drawers. A bottom one destined for that quart of Jack Daniels? Mark the beautiful, seductive cherry used for the drawer fronts, slightly slanted to surprise and enamor. Two nautical style handrails at the top for easy handling. An added smaller drawer at the top for your paper tickets First Class to Bangkok and Rangoon. Cabinets are available in deep ruby red or luxurious black.

Cape Cod lockers. At some point, we realized our furniture collection was turning into a labor of love. Originally devised as a home for our Kunstkammer objects d’art, we somehow turned a corner in celebrating the nostalgia of a past sailing era, colonial trade, and now, beach life and style. We strive to make the practical exude romance and the historical to include a touch of contemporary. With their air of beach-view porches and sun-filled mooring docks, our beach lockers and cabinets celebrate Nantucket as well as Deauville. Making efficient use of every inch and centimeter, they hold towels and sailor’s scarves, polo gear and golfing shoes. Air circulates ingeniously, banning odors and keeping things dry with fragrant freshness. Fold-out shelves hold shaving gear or jewelry, prop up mirrors and in general offer much-appreciated workspace — a veritable balancing act of the exotic and matter-of-fact.

Wooden locker cabinet in light honey and antique black finish; Cabinet features a fold-out shelf to hold miscellaneous items and in general offer much appreciated workspace

Royal Navy cabinets. Combining some of the most distinct design elements of classic Royal Navy furniture. Built by the Army and Navy stores for Navy officers and gentlemen sailing on the Imperial Fleet to colonies the world over. Bronze hardware like heavy-duty box-lifts and solid bronze corners practically guarantee a quality that will span generations. Finished in rich honey and French sky-black lacquer. Both console and cabinet move easily on wood wheels bracketed in brass-finished steel, that lock when stationery.

Beautiful, ever-popular maritime-inspired furniture never fails to capture the imagination. Anyone watching for details with long-term value cannot miss the solid brass hardware, the precious woods combined with a lustrous varnish that seems like it’s been hand waxed and polished for ages. Character and longevity. Adopt Admiralty grandeur with this practical mini-cabinet. Multifunctional, it can be used with or without wheels as a bedroom TV stand, a traveling bar, or as a wall cabinet for that smaller room that needs something special

Porthole and Notary Cabinets US yachtsmen (the Morgans, Vanderbilts, Roosevelts) visiting the Royal Yacht squadron clubhouse at Cowes, England were surprised at the lack of locker rooms, showers, and docks. Even a bar was absent. In contrast, the cabins and staterooms of the visiting American yachts were resplendent with grandeur. Beautiful interior upholstery and cabinetwork were de rigueur. Cowes was an enchanted world, shining by day with brass, precious polished woods and the flash of oars. Visitors and club members danced by night on polished teak decks, sleeping between silk in beautifully appointed cabins, enjoying fireworks and fine cuisine. Two beautiful cabin cabinets, one with large porthole windows, and one with fold-out drawer-fronts are ideal for bankers, navigators, presidents and authors’ as well as armchair sailors.

Collectors cabinets. To Collect or not to Collect In case your best friend is human, is he or she to be categorized as a collector? Admittedly it’s like entering another world to graciously accompany a friend collecting fossils, or possibly Louis Vuitton handbags? In the 16th C., you wouldn’t be considered cultured if collecting wasn’t part of your world. Too many new discoveries, treasures, finds of any kind popped up daily. Collecting was de rigueur! And Collectors need drawers. To store, categorize. To inspect, admire, to gloat… And collectors with taste would want a cabinet of elegant proportions, an infinite number of drawers, beckoning to be pulled out and celebrated. Above all, an easily transportable cabinet, a real Collector collects on weekends, on vacations… And a cabinet, when multiplied, can fill a wall as if it’s one whole. Such are Collector’s demands!

interior design; home office decorating ideas

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