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Empress Reading Glass
NAVY DESKS. Travelers and seafarers of yore had to be resourceful in order to survive. Desks on board ships had to be cleared and stowed at a moments notice. Things had to be multi-functional. In the case of our desks, the two supports could act as steps into the navigator's bunk, or to mount a camel, whichever came first. The desktop, complete with drawers and brass bound, could act to stop musket bullets when under fire. Leather top, hand rubbed French finish, somewhat beat-up; proof of its many voyages and colorful history.
Dakota Dc-3 Model Plane
DC3 Desktop Plane Model
WWI Propeller In French Finish
Phrenology Head
Art Deco Flight Clock
Navy Desk (Black)
Lifeboat Oar
Spyglass Telescope With Stand
18Th Century Sundial Compass (Small)
Navy Desk (Black)
Pursers Desk Chair (Black)
Empress Reading Glass
Eye Of The Time Clock
CAPTAINS DESKS. Captains made good use of notoriously cramped quarters in the ships stern section (deckhands were housed before the mast). The captain's desk was tailor-made to offer maximum comfort and space in a minimal floor area. Desks have deep drawers to accommodate the crew's papers, sealed sailing instructions, logbooks, charts, instruments and a pair of flintlock pistols. Brass corners to protect from damage when being moved around. All desks have sturdy construction to withstand often violent ship's movements. Well-traveled and sturdily made of cherry and maple, desks have leather inset top.
Captains Desk (black)
Demi-Dome Model
Trianon Letters Writing Set
Magnifier With Stand (Bronzed)
Windsor Prose Writing Set
Spyglass Telescope With Stand
Eye Of The Time Clock
Toledo Desk
Regency Magnifier
Mercator Globe
Pursers Desk Chair (Black)
French Style Desk Lamp
Purser Bell
Feather Pen Writing Set
Solid Oak Chair
Large Obelisk
Pocket Sandglass (Bronzed)
Eye Of The Time Clock
Regency Magnifier
folding desk
Patrol Spotlight Tripod Lamp
Phrenology Head
Hand Model
Victorian Desk Clock
Stand For Clocks
Tripod Floor Lamp (white shade)
Pursers Desk Chair (Black)
Phrenology Head
Lifeboat Oar
Filing Cabinet
Versailles Globe
ARCHITECT'S BUREAU DESK. Coming in two heights, our unusual and attractive architect bureau desk is designed with many practical features, including extended side flaps, vertical folder slots for paper and notebooks storage, and subtle, yet highly functional drawers to store pens, pencils, rulers, etc... Adjustable desktop tilts to three angles. Most exciting, its adjustable work surface contributes to entirely new work experience. Architects were once skilled draftsmen and graceful calligraphers, able to draw a crisp and perfect line on virgin drafting stock. They worked at a classic architect's desks crafted of precious woods, with an adjustable work surface tilted to an individualized angle. Usually, they would stand, lounge, and lean on the tall desk, discarding the chair or replacing it with a tall, narrow stool. In our day and age, we have done away with the standing desk. We hammer away at keyboards for days on end, slumped in a desk chair. Actually, a recent scientific study showed that working at a standing desk all day equals the exercise provided by a robust morning workout.

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