Wood Brackets for Countertops

kitchen counter with carved wood brackets; ideas for counter support

What is a Wood Bracket? A wood bracket is a structural element which supports furniture and architectural decor elements such as shelves, bookcases, plant hangers, mantles and more. Wood brackets are essential for the support of kitchen countertops, especially if it is a granite counter. Brackets are very similar to wood corbels in function; however, brackets are generally thinner than corbels, and often decorated with cutaway carvings. Corbels and wood brackets are both architectural accents but brackets, being narrower, are great for countertop bars and for supporting wider shelves.

A wide selection of wood brackets available to be incorporated with many different kitchen styles. There are a lot of beautiful historical designs carved on the wood brackets. Most popular bracket’s models feature leaf scrolls, grape motif, and acanthus leaf carvings; wood brackets with these designs work well in Traditional kitchen. Some of the wood brackets are carved with oak design. Oak and oak leaf is a symbol of strength and endurance. Oak is not only a national tree to many countries, but it is also one of the symbols of Zeus, the god of all gods. In the United States today oak leaf is used to signify the rank in the US Army. Representing strength, the oak leaf motif is sure to inspire many and will carry a positive sentiment every time they would look at the wood bracket’s design. The classic beauty of the wood brackets with oak leaf design will also be able to fit into many different decorating schemes.

$48.02$130.08 T4MTRBR-P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium
$112.65$765.32 T4OFMB-P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium
$84.94$302.70 CB35P
multiple sizes availablexsmall, small, large, xlarge, medium
$40.42$228.95 E575283P
multiple sizes availablexsmall, small, large, xlarge, medium
$98.34$343.14 T4MISCTF-P
multiple sizes availableregular, wide
$129.60$920.48 T4RPMIS-P
multiple sizes availablelarge, regular
$676.87$1,865.64 T4MNTH-P
multiple sizes availabledeep, regular
$78.25$520.03 T4MNOB-P
multiple sizes availablethin, regular, wide
$209.95$852.21 T4MNHC-P
multiple sizes availableregular, wide
$79.24$214.50 R920P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium
$57.38$214.50 R905P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium

What’s the difference between corbels and brackets?

Both corbels and wood brackets are support pieces that can carry weight. The force that holds the wood brackets or corbel in place counteracts the force that is applied on top of the brackets preventing an overturn when the load is applied to the top. Corbels and bracket are architectural elements usually made from wood, stone, or metal that projects from the wall and overhangs to allow support of various items.

The main difference between a corbel and a bracket is that brackets are thinner than corbels. Corbels tend to be chunkier where the depth and width are around the same size. Most wood brackets tend to be much deeper than wide.

For example, the large Chicago bracket the depth of the bracket of 7-3/4 inch is more than three times its width of just 2-1/2 inches. Comparing it to Large fluted Mission corbels that measure 7-1/2 inches in depth and 7 inches in width. Both are great for architectural accents and are structurally sound to support countertops and wide shelves where greater depth is required. The brackets vary in design from sleek and understated (Newark wood bracket) to beautifully elaborate (Montclair hood brackets or Marietta wood brackets)

$407.72$529.73 C724P
12"H x 5"W x 12"D
$165.03$231.98 W75P
13"H x 3.5"W x 8"D
$57.93$172.83 R57P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium
Chicago carved wood brackets supporting a granite shelf
Chicago brackets

Aapplication of wood brackets

There are a lot of ways to integrate wood brackets into your interior. Brackets can be used as an independent decorative element which does not actually reinforce any weight. You may place the wood brackets symmetrically on each side of a countertop or in addition to existing support for a series of shelving. Brackets can perform a function or simply serve to accent existing home decor elements. Wood brackets range in size from very large to very small and can add quick aesthetic value to many different home decor features.

Wood brackets can be used on the vertical surfaces of custom cabinets along with wood onlays and wood rosettes. You can also use the same style of wood brackets in many sizes in the kitchen developing a comprehensive design idea that can be followed throughout the kitchen.

Wood brackets are ideal for additional support of the marble or granite counters and wall application as well as for easy installation underneath of any type of kitchen countertops, kitchen island, bar top, any kind of shelving including fireplace mantel shelf.

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