Wall Niches – Where do I begin?: So many wall niches, so many ideas…

Interior with wall niche; wall decor ideas; interior design inspiration

Why would I get a wall niche?

Wall niche is a great way to add beauty to almost any place in your home. It is a fantastic way to add depth and interest to any wall. A wall niche adds a bit of a classic touch to the overall appearance of the space. While a shelf will do the trick in regards to displaying items – wall niches will make it look a lot more appealing.

Interestingly enough, the wall niche will also make it look a lot more alive by giving plain walls focal points. Also, while on the shelf, the piece that is being displayed might go completely unnoticed; in a wall niche, it will become a topic of discussion and provoke questions from your visitors. You could easily display any family heirlooms, artwork, or sculpture within the wall niche. All of our wall niches are made from high-density furniture grade polyurethane, which makes them incredibly durable.

Where do I begin?: So many wall niches, so many ideas…

The wall niche collection is divided into two categories. The first includes small decorative niches which can be easily mounted. It is a quick and easy installation of wall niches that does not include making this into a serious project or even cutting a hole in your wall. It is very easy and quick to add an interesting and decorative touch to your home with this type of wall niches.

The second category includes larger wall niches that are made from molds of classical and historical designs. These particular wall niches have a much greater depth than the smaller ones, making them recessed wall niches. To install the recessed niches, you will have to make a hole in the wall to accommodate the recess of the wall niche. With both types of the wall niches, there is a minimal amount of work to be done for such a fantastic effect, so your first priority is to decide on the size that you need to accommodate the object or objects that will be displayed inside your wall niches.

wall niches

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How to design using a wall niches

Wall niches have been around for a very long time spanning through many different cultures – each one utilizing wall niches in their ways, with their different spin on the designs of the wall niches. The Spanish-style adobe homes had built-in niches that contained their embellishing items. The Gothic style used wall niches in an eclectic manner, while the classically-styled interiors favored cleaner and less embellished wall niches to display their item.

If you either have no wall space for niches, but you like the idea or if you do not want the decorative wall niches in your rooms, you can always use the wall niches as an embellishment for your staircase – it would especially have a dramatic effect on the winding staircases. It is easy to pick out a wall niche that matches your decorating taste due to the broad range of styles that is available. With a bit of paint and the right piece being displayed – you will successfully make a piece that is just the right intensity, the right style and has the right effect on your overall space.

Interior with wall niche; wall decor ideas; interior design inspiration

Let the decorative wall niche add to the conversation.

While furniture and room arrangement reveal your taste to people, it is the finishing touches that really tell others who you are. Its small things such as a rug pattern, books that you leave out on the coffee table and other items that you choose to display. To display small objects is not only to look at them but to let people into whom you are and what you are. While being a conversation piece of its own, a decorative wall niche is also a great way to draw attention to that item that you are using to tell a story about yourself.

Shelving an item might make it look almost forgotten or that it is there by mistake, chance, or an afterthought. Encasing the object in a wall niche will not fail to show the importance of it to you and to who you are. That is the beauty of wall niches, while they bring architectural structure and interest, its primary purpose is to show off you and your interests. Wall niche is the perfect detail that works for you and your home.

Is there some sort of a rule for wall niche placement?

The best part about this little one-piece installation wonder is that there are no set rules for how one might decide to use a decorative wall niche. If, for example, you have a small space – a wall niche can brighten the space up, make it more intimate, as well as making it more significant with the intricate looking architectural detail. Some use wall niches to give a more dynamic look to a much larger space.

If you are working with a space that is larger and in need of some details, then you can also opt for more than just one wall niche and make, for example, a 3 wall niche series displaying items that complement each other as well as the overall design in the space. You can also use multiple wall niche styles to create an interesting design. The only true rule that applies to wall niches placement is the same that applies to art; it should be at eye-level of the viewer.

wall niche with Art Deco inspired sculpture; wall niches ideas; wall decor inspiration

Why all of the wall niche drama?

Many think that the only place you would use a wall niche is in an incredibly large traditional house with huge ceilings and what seems to be endless rooms.

Wall niches are perfect artifacts to add a bit of interest to any house or apartment. Of course, it brings some drama and depth to the overall look of the space, but it is nothing unusual or out of place to see in a typical home – honestly, why does your average sized home have to look average? You alone hold the key to how your home looks an, thereby, how it is perceived on the grand scale. There is a tasteful way to bring in many classical elements and make everyday designs look special.

Back to the future: faux finished wall niche

If you like the old-world feel to your wall niche and to the overall style of your space, then you could very easily use a faux finish to complete the design. You could learn to do a faux finish for anything from antique leather to stone. You could also have a Rococo approach to it and highlight the intricate design of a wall niche. The highlighting is a way to bring out the design of a wall niche without it having an overbearing effect on the space.

If you have a more contemporary and clean-line space, a marbleized niche could add some exciting flair to space and make it more dynamic. Mixing different design ideas is the perfect way to make a space more than just a one-note design.

interior with large wall niche; wall niches inspiration; interior design ideas

An interesting fact to know about your wall niche.

A recessed wall niche is a unique architectural detail that is not found in many homes today. It is interesting to know that the word “niche” comes from a French verb, which means “to nest.”

The wall niche also holds a thought of being a cradle or a sacred place. Looking at it may remind some of a shrine – mostly because niches in churches are used to display statues of holy figures and scenes from different sacred books. That is why having a wall niche now cradle and display your personal objects that tell a story about you is not at limited to any kind of person.

Match Making: perfect wall for the perfect niche

If you think of your wall niche as art, then you have to match it to the right wall space to showcase it.

If you have a bigger space, then you will obviously need to have a more significant wall niche to make sure that it does not disappear in the intensity of the large space or just simply look strange. The big exception for it is any places in the room that the eye is naturally drawn to.

Another great tip is not to have the wall niche be on a wall that is busy with other art because then its purpose of being a focal point among all the business is lost.

illuminated your wall niche; wall decor ideas

Let There Be Light: illuminating your wall niche.

To truly illuminate the object and bring attention to it, use lighting inside your wall niche. There are a few ways of doing it. If you would like to simulate the look of natural light, then you should consider using low-voltage lighting. If your wall niche is deep enough, place a low-voltage bulb in the top of the wall niche to have the light come straight from the top.

If you have a smaller wall niche, then you could always have a light source mounted on the ceiling and aiming at the wall niche.

If you are going for an old-world look, then you could leave the wall niche dark since in the olden days they wouldn’t have the luxury of low-voltage bulbs or ceiling-mounted gallery lights. If you are still dying to have some light inside of your wall niche, then you could opt for a candle – if you are afraid of the open flame, then you could always use a battery powered faux candle.

Interior with wall niche; wall decor ideas; interior design inspiration

Wall Niches: art and display case in one

Tired of not being able to really show off the beauty of smaller decorative items? It is the reason why many people’s mantels are simply littered with small objects. There is a way to make your home’s architecture look more refined while being able to show off your beautiful artifacts. Having an attractive wall niche in your home is a great way to spice up your wall as well as to draw attention to a piece of art that you would like to display.

For more of an impact: choose a few items that are similar in style and get 3 or more wall niches. If you display your wall niches on the same wall, it will add an unexpected touch as well as quite a dramatic effect. It is a great way to create an accent wall – you may even like to consider painting the wall behind it a bright solid color. This transformation might take some planning, but can be executed in just a day! Could always be a great surprise for anyone who is looking to punch up a room’s decor, but is at a loss as to how it could be managed.

Enhancing the look of the wall niche

Before you put up your wall niche, remember that you can have it be anything you like. While you can paint it a bright solid color or a muted solid color, you can also use an accent color to make the decorative parts of the wall niche pop. A great way to do so is by using metallic paint – uses a fine brush to get the paint into the grooves of the design and simply wipe it off with a damp rag. It is very easy, and it is virtually fool-proof. It’s a sure fire way to make your niche look artistic and impress any guests in your home. Use a base color with that technique to get a unique effect in your home. You can also choose different accent colors if you have multiple niches to create a playful and eclectic feel in your home.

Don’t forget that you are the one who is in control of your design; it is time for you to own your own imagination. Wall niches are your blank canvas to do whatever you wish with!

Why just use a floating shelf instead of a wall niche?

The main difference is, of course, the beauty. Using a wall niche is a way to truly showcase not only what is inside the niche, but also the wall that it is located on. It is an interesting concept of the niche turning your wall into a work of art whiles the niche and the artwork together to enhance each one’s appearance. If you would simply display your art and trinkets on a floating shelf, then it would just get lost and seem as if you were trying to either fill a shelf or just haphazardly throwing something on a shelf to get it out of the way.

A wall niche is something that will definitely make the item in it look as if it has a specific purpose, and it will let the true potential of that item shine through. The best part of it is that it is almost fool-proof – with millions of possible combinations, you can’t go wrong!

How many wall niches can I have?

You can perfectly accent a wall with just a single niche. From there, you can have as many as the wall allows! It is a good idea to have at least 6 inches between them so that they do not get so close as to look completely out of place. The more niches you have, the more dramatic the wall will become. An excellent place for many wall niches is a long hallway because hallways look rather bland since most people treat it as a bridge of some sort. While in all practicality, it is just a space through which you go to get somewhere else, but you have the choice and the opportunity to make it something more.

Using wall niches is a sure-fire way to make your home look regal and unique – you deserve to have every inch look the way you want it to since it is your space to be in.

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