Tripod Lamps – Light Up Your Home with History

hand-crafted tripod lamps adaptations and replicas of historical designs

Nothing puts down roots in a room like a tripod floor lamps. Providing an illustrious beacon of light, a decorative floor lamp is the quintessential design element in any well-designed living space. If you crave a design style that is budding with adventure and legends of faraway lands, then historical tripod lamps are a surefire way to integrate adventure into your everyday life.

Not only are historic tripod lamps a practical way to light the rooms in your home or office space, but they are a great conversation piece that stirs up folklore and fantasy. From battles to shipwrecks to decrees written by dim light; tripod floor lamps are illuminating.

On the lookout for adventure? Try adding the coast guard patrol spotlight tripod lamp to your home library or office. By the glimmer of light from this stunning lamp, you will surely feel inspired to accomplish creative works and intellectual achievements. Hand-crafted from brass and aluminum, this spotlight replicates an authentic 1930’s navy spotlight. The illuminating lamplight rests atop a stunning rosewood body. The height is adjustable, but the possibilities are endless!

The style that lasts for miles. That’s what the Half-mile ray searchlight tripod lamp has to offer. A sturdy copper and aluminum head rests atop a maple tripod and offers high adjustability to get the light just right. The lamp’s head rotates up and down with the turn of a dial and comes with a large coil cord with dimmer. This throwback look is as useful today as it was in the 1930s when it was first executed.

The inspiration for the Searchlight tripod lamp comes straight off a 1940’s Navy destroyer. Top-quality construction means that you will relieve the thrill of a battle for years to come every time you turn on one of these stunning tripod lamps.

The 1928 Cadillac headlamp will leave stars in your eyes. This 1920’s-inspired look is made of antique brass and polished aluminum. The floor dimmer function lets you leave the light on all night.

Picture perfect is the way to describe the Cinema lamp on a tripod. Replicating a theatre spotlight, this shiny conversation piece beams an intense light. Don’t be fooled by this breathtaking design, and it is highly practical for a generous dose of light in any room.

It’s no secret that the Marconi spotlight on a tripod is stylish. What remains a secret are the intricate Morse codes this extraordinary lamp design registered from distressed sailors 1930’s French Navy Battleships. Today, this beautiful design has been declassified for use in decorating your home. Go ahead and send a message of your own by adding this lamp to your design scheme.

The tripod floor lamp, with its wood tripod on pencil points and soft cream or black fabric lampshade, is right at home in any space. A throwback to 1930’s surveying lamps, it will make any room look smarter.

Expeditions are afoot with the Surveyors tripod lamp. Stylish and scientific, this lamp has wood legs set on anti-scratch feet and is available in either black and ivory or red and ivory color themes. In addition, select from black or white lampshade.

tripod lamps

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