Transforming Entryway with Entrance Pediments

pediments; Interior of the house with pediment

Your home may not be the Parthenon or another Ancient Greek temple, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from the classic look of entrance pediments. Easy to add to your home’s exterior, a pediment can make a huge impact on the overall look and welcoming feel of your home’s entryway.

Entrance pediments have roots that date back many centuries to the times of the Ancient Greeks, who used these triangular architectural adornments at the top of structures, often above an entryway. These decorations have stood the test of time because you’ll find them nesting under gables and atop doorways and windows on all sorts of modern homes. While the Ancient Greek architects placed pediments atop columns, today’s entrance pediments are generally attached directly to an exterior wall surface or placed above plasters.

Since your front entryway is the first impression guests and visitors will form of your home, it makes good sense to give some thought to how you can create a welcoming feeling while expressing your sense of style. Adding an entrance pediment could hardly be simpler, and you’ll be happy to know that there are all sorts of styles and sizes of pediments from which you can choose. If elegant simplicity is your decorating style, then a streamlined pediment with minimal ornamentation provides just the right subtle emphasis to draw the eye to your welcoming front door. For more of a statement, entrance pediments with shapes at the peak or with decorative cutouts provide artistic interest and additional emphasis for your home’s entrance. Additionally, your entrance pediments can be supported by pilasters on the right and left of your entryway. You can paint your pediment in the same color as the exterior wall for just a hint of depth and interest, or you can choose to go bolder and use a contrasting trim color so that the pediment stands out.

Traditionally, you’ll find pediments used symmetrically when these decorative devices are applied in multiples. The Ancient Greeks valued clean lines and symmetry, so pediments were always used in a balanced fashion. In contemporary times, how entrance pediments are used has expanded, so it’s not unusual to see them offset to add additional visual interest to a home’s exterior. Whichever type of application you choose for your home, you’ll be impressed by how easily an entrance pediment can make a huge difference.


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