A Suspended Ceiling

If you have a suspended ceiling, it is a popular element that serves a great purpose in the modern interior. The “areal” design of the suspended ceiling does not have any particular boundaries – from the older houses and apartments with ceilings that range from about 8-12 feet to the office buildings and newer homes.

The suspended ceiling has excellent use in reducing noise levels and creating particular acoustic in the space. It is also a significant element to add a dramatic impact on the space without feeling the need to clutter it with furniture to overcompensate for the blandness of the area. With the right lighting, it becomes an indispensable architectural part of the room. A big plus with the suspended ceiling is that it transforms a flat and overwhelming space – a suspended ceiling is a way to sculpt the room from a box to a uniquely shaped masterful space.

Suspended ceiling consists of a metal casing that is suspended in the corner and the actual surface that will allow for lighting fixtures / architectural accents (such as ceiling medallions or ceiling domes) – also, depending on the placement of the suspended ceiling, you may use it to creatively cover up grates or any elements of the space that you would not want to be shown.

The most common materials that are used to create a suspended ceiling are metal and wood panels – you can also use different materials for faux finishes and other effects on the ceiling. You can use the metal frame and the wood panels as the skeleton and then use plaster to smooth over it making it look like the original architectural aspect of the house.

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