Setting The Dining Table

dining table setting

The fabrics in your home do not stand alone but work with all the other elements of decoration to create a mood and energy, to tell a story… Being emotionally comfortable in your dining room is essential to the art of home. Equally important is the way a table looks and feels. Mealtime or teatime is an opportunity to pause, to appreciate the moment, nourish your body and soul while stimulating your mind in a shared conversation. A table should have a varied wardrobe. The tablecloths and napkins needn’t be ironed, but the idea of surprise that stimulates and creates a celebratory mood is well worth the effort.

The table where the bread is broken among loved ones is the alter of the home and should be adorned daily. Use cotton fabrics to dress up the table. All cotton is machine washable, and salt will help to get read of stains, so don’t worry about spills and messy eaters.

Keeping the excitement at the dining table is a key ingredient to any meal. A meal could be a restaurant food delivered to your door, but if you pay attention to the table decoration, creating a romantic mood with a candlestick, you will feel enriched as well as increase your enjoyment of the flavors of the cuisine. Fabrics are one of the true blessings of home. A window treatment actively contributes to the room’s total harmony; without them, a room appears unfinished, feels cold, and looks institutional.

When you are selecting the right fabrics for your room, look at the piece of the material, caress it, and enjoy the way it feels. Let the color and pattern of the fabric speak to you. Trust your intuition and use it in the decoration of your house.

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