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36"H x 54"W x 18"D
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38"H x 62.5"W x 18"D
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36"H x 81"W x 21"D
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36"H x 51.5"W x 21.75"D
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39.5"H x 23.5"W x 66.75"D
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35.75"H x 21.25"W x 69"D

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Emerald Green Cane Chest

Star Table with White Marble Top
Acrylic Bench with White Fur
clear acrylic chair, black leather cushion
Oval Gold Plated Mirror
Iron Wire Floor Lamp
Fluted Gray Cabinet
Crystal Sphere Chandelier

Hollywood Regency Chandelier
Antique Bronze Sculpture
Bamboo Tiered Table
Bronze Sculpture
Iron Wire Lamp
Bamboo Chair

Morning Mist
Bird Portal Sculpture

clear acrylic chair, blue velvet cushion

Bamboo Chair
Gold Leaf Sculpture
Iron Wire Lamp

painted cabinets - helpful info

Collection of hand-painted cabinets created and designed in Italy and the Orient. This handcrafted selection of cabinets shows designs from classical to contemporary that is truly one of a kind, displaying beautiful craftsmanship complimenting any room in your home. These elegant cabinets not only provide functionality but sophistication and are true works of art.

Having a place for your mail, your remote, the keys, and other necessary items may take away from the decor of your house-this is your perfect solution! The English Chinoiserie cabinet, among many others in our collection, is an ideal solution for a seamless design that does not let everyday life interfere with the beautiful design of the home. The designs on the cabinets can be mixed and matched with other pieces of decorative furniture, such as the hand-painted tables. They would easily be able to work together for seamless harmony.

The hand-painted chest with pull-out writing shelf is a perfect way for you to feel the elegance of the old world as you get prepared for your day. It gives you a completely different impression of your clothes than a regular set of drawers. As you pull out each item, you will feel the elegant and regal way that people who have used this styled furniture centuries ago did.

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