Points of View on Lighting Fixtures

lighting fixtures; hand-blown glass and crystal chandeliers

There are two opposite point of views on the role of lighting fixtures in home design exists. The first point is tightly connected with prioritizing a functional element in design and architecture. Followers of this point of view are sure that lighting fixtures have to be purely practical, barely visible, and not decorative. They believe that light is beautiful by itself, and it is just a matter of precise placement of lighting fixtures with regards to layout and function of the space.

The second point of view is absolutely the opposite. Disciples of the second point of view agree that light is beautiful by its nature, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t add to its magical glow. Moreover, there are thousands of ways to enhance lighting, known by artisans and designers.

If you share the second point of view, our extensive lighting collection will definitely grab your attention. The past few years have proved to be a designers and decorators dream as lighting fixtures have become more decorative. From nostalgic reproductions to architecturally inspired designs, there are models of lighting fixtures to suit any look in the form of a table and floor lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, ceiling lighting fixtures, molding for indirect lighting, and novelty type.

We offer a wide selection of lighting fixtures to catch everyone’s imagination. To create a sophisticated look, you should combine more than one variety of lighting fixtures. Avoid matched pairs of lighting fixtures, such as identical table lamps at either side of the sofa. Try to coordinate your lamps, not match them. For more interest, select your lighting fixtures in different, but coordinated finishes. For example, table lamps in antique brass finish can be complemented in the same room with a chandelier or wall sconces finished in antiqued gold leaf.

Moving far beyond the purely practical, by using our lighting imaginatively you can create powerful visual statements, enhance mood and atmosphere, alter the color, and emphasize texture. When balanced with shadow, lighting adds subtlety and excitement, tranquility, and mystery.

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