Open Up Your Room with Horizontal Mirrors

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The inclusion of mirrors in home decor has expanded dramatically from the traditional uses in bathrooms and as over-mantle mirrors. To be sure, these are still perfect locations for horizontal mirrors, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to using these decorative yet functional pieces to reflect your home’s beauty and style.

You’ll often find overmantle mirrors serving to anchor the decor of a living or family room since the sheer size of these horizontal mirrors makes a dramatic impact. Add to this the mirror’s decorative frame, and it’s no wonder that a horizontal mirror becomes the perfect artistic focal point over a fireplace. While many homeowners choose to grace the wall above their fireplace with the elegance of a large mirror, there are a wealth of other excellent uses for these pieces, as well.

In fact, you can use horizontal mirrors in just about any space where you have wall space and want to add light and a sense of open space. Since mirrors have a naturally reflective surface, you’ll find that they double the amount of light in the area where they hang, and they also transform a solid wall into the illusion of open space. Positioning horizontal mirrors opposite windows with scenic views, for example, serves to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside and makes the room look as if there are two openings to the out-of-doors.

You’ll also find that the reflective quality of horizontal mirrors can be put to good use in other ways. For example, if you have a horizontal mirror above a buffet or a dresser, the backside of anything placed in front of the mirror is readily visible. Picture a sparkling cut-crystal vase of flowers, or perhaps a beautiful piece of Native American pottery; how much more interesting are these objects when you can see them from all angles?

Horizontal and overmantle mirrors can be strategically placed to help to improve the lighting in interior spaces, as well. From a simple candle to a more ornate table or floor lamps, a source of light placed in front of a mirror is doubled, effectively bringing more light into an otherwise dark area.


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2 thoughts on “Open Up Your Room with Horizontal Mirrors

  1. roombodi says:

    These are gorgeous decor ideas! I love how in the cover photo, the mirror takes the place of where a TV might traditionally be placed. Definitely a statement and makes the wall super aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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