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Modern interior with creative ceiling panelling; creative ceiling design ideas; modern interiors inspiration

Ceiling today don’t carry the same visual impact, yet the ceiling is a fundamental feature that contributes to the overall presentation and feel of a house. One of the most significant differences between the decoration of houses one hundred years ago and now is that today there is an appalling disregard for the ceiling design and aesthetic dimension of a ceiling.

While the ceiling takes up the same space as the floor, few people consider spending even a fraction of their decorating budget on the ceiling design to make ceiling beautiful.

Think of your ceiling like the sky. Whether the roof of a house is flat, sloping, or curved, most interior ceilings are flat, mirroring the image of the floor in size and shape. If your ceiling isn’t flat or symmetrical, consider correcting it. Feng shui practitioners believe that an angled ceiling dissipates energy. If you have a gable roof with exposed interior beams, the symmetry of one part answering to the other is visually pleasing. The slopes of the ceiling can be painted sky-blue in contrast with the wall color to give both wall and ceiling definition.

Although modern architecture does not emphasize ceiling, you can make your ceiling design more fascinating by learning how to create ceiling illusions. If you have unavoidable structural elements as parts of your ceiling, such as air conditioning ducts or beams in awkward places, make them part of the room color scheme rather than trying to hide them, because that often draws more attention to the problem. It’s forgivable in-ceiling design for an old house to have some pipes running along with a ceiling, whereas boxing them in would lower the height of the ceiling, making you feel crushed.

The ceiling in houses and apartments usually range from about eight feet to an expansive twelve feet high. Many New York apartments are prewar buildings with ceiling averaging nine feet six inches high; most newer buildings have lower ceilings. Ideally, the ceiling height should be in proportion to the size of the room. The larger the room, the higher the ceiling can be and still please the eye.

Modern interior with creative ceiling paneling; creative ceiling design ideas; modern ceilings inspiration

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