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Moldings for indirect lighting are made from high-density polyurethane. High-density polyurethane is quickly becoming the most popular form of molding and a solution to many common problems. Polyurethane molding has many advantages over wood molding. One main benefit is that polyurethane is not affected by a change in climate or humidity, whereas wood is continuously expanding, contracting, and warping. Some of the reasons to choose polyurethane moldings include its light weight, ability to adjust to moisture changes and it is also unappealing to bugs and termites! These reasons make polyurethane an excellent choice for home and commercial use.

Installation of molding for indirect lighting is such because of polyurethane’s great qualities include its feather-weight. When using molding for indirect lighting, the molding is only attached to the wall, not both the wall and ceiling. This means that the wall is the only means of support for a molding. Using polyurethane moldings to install indirect lighting will put less stress on your wall.

Another advantage is that polyurethane does not react to the heat of the indirect lighting, rope, or LED lights. This is an advantage if you live in an area where the climate is continually changing but also because lights can generate heat. If you are concerned about saving space, indirect lighting is an excellent choice for your home. Another great advantage for indirect lighting is that it provides stylish lighting to a room without taking up the space of table or floor lamps. When there is no space in long hallways for floor lamps, LED lights, or rope lights can safely illuminate passage through the hallway.

Polyurethane is an excellent choice for basement moldings and baseboards. Wood will expand and contract with heat and moisture changes, because of this finding molding for basements is especially tricky. You can save money with polyurethane as it comes primed and ready to paint; also shipping is less expensive as it is much lighter than wood moldings! also features a line of high-density polyurethane baseboards that have many great qualities. Not only are these baseboard moldings protected from climate changes, but they are also stress resistant! This is an ideal feature for baseboards as they can easily be kicked or bumped. They are an excellent choice for high traffic areas and homes with children or pets.

Moldings are stocked in 8 foot and 6’6″ foot lengths. Some material can be specially ordered in longer lengths for bigger jobs. Also, many of the molding materials are available in flexible material for arches or slightly curved walls. Polyurethane molding is created in a mold using Bi-Mold and Computer-Matched technology. This ensures that each piece will look identical to the last. It is important for fast and easy installation that each piece lines up correctly. We provide a special adhesive that is very safe to use and does not emit any harmful fumes. With adhesive, liquid nails and a few molding nails for reinforcement, your molding will be safely and securely installed.

molding for indirect lighting

$8.00$88.00 DKC3073P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large
$8.00$120.00 DKC3071P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick, large, medium
$8.00$88.00 DKC3072P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$88.80 DKC3068P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$88.00 DKC3061P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$94.80 DKC3062P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$84.00 DKC3064P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$80.00 DKC3065P
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium
$173.80$399.80 RGBKITS
Variations of installation for Calabasas moldings; creative molding application ideas
baseboard with indirect lighting; cool interior design ideas; creative interiors inspiration
cool application of Calabasas moldings as chair rail, above the baseboard and as cornice for indirect lighting, highlighting Belvedere cove molding; cool molding desigh ideas
cool wall lighting design; wall lighting ideas; interior design inspiration

Cool application of Calabasas moldings combination as chair rail, above the Hillsboro baseboard and as cornice for indirect lighting, highlighting Belvedere cove molding; Calabasas molding for indirect lighting

Manufactured to easily accept LED lighting, Calabasas molding yields even and balanced light dispersion
interior with Belvedere molding for indirect lighting; molding with lighting inspiration
Sunnyvale molding featured as door surround with indirect lighting; dramatic interior decor with deep reds and soft browns combined with warm purple
soft lighting effect created with Sunnyvale molding for indirect lighting and Belvedere cove molding; contemporary molding ideas
Contemporary bedroom design featuring small molding with indirect lighting
contemporary space designed with Sunnyvale molding and indirect lighting
contemporary room with Pacifica crown molding and indirect lighting
tray ceiling decor with Fort Lauderdale crown molding and indirect lighting; ceiling design ideas; ceiling decor inspiration

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