Mirrors and Interior Design

mirrors; This unique mirror utilizes multiple styles, methods and materials to create its stained antique finish. Its solid glass bubbles are hand-applied, while the splattered antique finish is a product of a reaction between the raw glass and a chemical solution. Can be hung vertically or horizontally and we think it would be great in pairs. Features a security cleat attachment. Finish may vary

There are places in the house where quality mirrors are not only functionally appropriate but can be a focal point of an overall design. How gracious it is to enter or leave a house that has a large mirror in the entry hall. The formality and beauty of framed decorative mirrors with gold leaf finish are very appropriate for entries. Do not be shy while choosing mirrors for this area; after all, your entry creates the first impression of your home. The horizontal mirror looks great when placed above tactfully accessorized consul table. Astonishing compositions can be created by combining vertical mirror with a couple of decorative wall sconces.

How important it is to have a full-length mirror in the dressing room. Mirrors are useful as special devices. But if the impulse to hang mirrors happened to be a purely functional one, mirrors would be confined to the bathroom, the dressing room, and entry hall, and the littlest darkest rooms, which of course, they are not. Elaborate mirrors are used liberally as purely decorative ingredients in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and den. Scattered throughout the house in various sizes and shapes, in many styles of frames, mounted high and low on the wall, as an aperture into a world, mirrors truly are magical objects.

While we live with some wall mirrors that are extremely useful, when mirrors are employed in a living room or over the fireplace mantel, they are generally picked for there visual delight and aesthetical value. Decorative mirrors can enrich a room in a lot of different ways. Mirrors can punctuate the symmetry of a room. They may be used in the center of a group of wall-mounted objects like pictures, plates or brackets to ground the arrangement. Mirror frames can add clarity to the decoration. Italian decorative mirror ensures a certain formality.

Venetian style mirror assures a lived-in casual, attitude. A carved wood framed wall mirror underscores the decorative scheme of a room when it is hung above a Morris chair. To spice up and add more character to interior decor, designers sometimes use the “factor of unexpected,” and often mirrors are part of it. For example, if the overall design of a room is modern, with clean lines and contemporary furnishings, the addition of a stunning large ornate period mirror will be the special unexpected touch. This addition will turn a room design from typical to personal, from usual to exiting.

Greek Key Mirror
crystal table lamp
Tai Chi Sculpture
Oval Gold Plated Mirror
Oval Gold Plated Mirror
clear acrylic chair, black leather cushion
Fluted Gray Cabinet
Star Table with White Marble Top
Contemporary Oak Cabinet
Gray Velvet Armchair
Smoke Crystal Vase
Solid Oak and Gold Coffee Table

venetian glass mirrors

list price:$4,764.38
you save (20%)
34"H x 24"W x 3"D
list price:$10,527.00
you save (20%)
49"H x 33.5"W x 3"D
list price:$9,979.20
you save (20%)
50.5"H x 45"W x 3"D
list price:$12,031.25
you save (20%)
60.5"H x 40"W x 3"D
list price:$10,885.88
you save (20%)
56.75"H x 38"W x 3"D
list price:$8,415.00
you save (20%)
45.25"H x 34.5"W x 3"D
list price:$11,096.25
you save (20%)
60"H x 39"W x 3"D
list price:$9,769.38
you save (20%)
40"H x 30.5"W x 3"D
list price:$7,177.50
you save (20%)
48.5"H x 34.25"W x 3"D
list price:$8,208.75
you save (20%)
45.25"H x 36"W x 3"D
list price:$11,082.50
you save (20%)
52"H x 36.75"W x 3"D
list price:$11,165.00
you save (20%)
52"H x 36.75"W x 3"D
list price:$10,972.50
you save (20%)
58.5"H x 39.5"W x 3"D
list price:$6,723.75
you save (20%)
40.5"H x 32.25"W x 3"D
list price:$9,290.88
you save (20%)
40.5"H x 32.75"W x 3"D
list price:$9,570.00
you save (20%)
44.5"H x 32.75"W x 3"D
$1,340.00 ARTF2134
30.5"H x 30.5"W x 1.5"D
$2,565.00 ARTF2205
40"H x 30.5"W x 1.5"D
$1,690.00 ARTF2284
41.5"H x 41.5"W x 2.5"D
$700.00 ARTF3002
30.5"H x 18"W x 2.5"D
$2,665.00 ARTF4107
48"H x 48"W x 4"D
$1,900.00 ARTF6119
52"H x 32"W x 1"D
$1,900.00 ARTF6561
40.5"H x 34"W x 1.5"D
$1,625.00 ARTF6872
48.5"H x 19"W x 4.5"D
$1,625.00 ARTF6873
48.5"H x 19"W x 4.5"D
$2,535.00 ARTF9115
52"H x 32"W x 5"D
$1,550.00 ARTFDD2004
43"H x 20.5"W x 3"D
$2,535.00 ARTFDD2085
47"H x 23"W x 3"D

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