Mirrors and Home Accessories

decorating with mirrors inspiration; mirrors and home accessories

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Its function is obvious: to reflect the image of the one who looks into the glass. In interior design, a mirror has many more functions. Mirrors are used to reflect light, making a room appear brighter, and as a result, larger. Mirrors are sometimes used as purely decorative elements, with beautiful, ornate frames and beveled glass. A single, large mirror hung over the fireplace is a design statement; a collection of different shaped mirrors with interesting frames hung on the wall is an attractive focal point.

Mirrors have the quality of being both commanding pieces of furniture as well as decorative accents. However, they are used in a room; they always draw attention and add interest. One way to add drama to a room’s decor is by placing lit candles in front of a mirror. The reflection produced will create an illusion of twice as many candles burning, and the glow emitted will be doubled. It is a surefire way to create a romantic atmosphere.

Naturally, a mirror looks wonderful hung over the fireplace; it adds an element of dominance to the fireplace itself, strengthening the look of the focal point. Also, it is known that in many homes, the fireplace mantel is a favorite place to put beautiful objects. What better place to place a mirror than on the mantel? Your most favorite things will be honored the way they should be, showcased in the reflection of a beautiful mirror.

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