Making Your Decor Stand Out in Sharp Relief with Wood Carvings

trim featuring carved wood urns and swags

Have you ever wanted to jazz up your decor, but didn’t really want to do an entire redesign? There is an easy solution for dressing up plain cabinets, drawers, doors, crown moldings and other surfaces in need of a little something to bring out the personality of your home. These premium decorative wood carvings can add depth and elegance to almost any surface.

build in cabinet with applied wood carvings and rosettes

The history of humans intentionally carving wood is almost as old as humanity itself. As soon as humans could fashion stones for cutting, they used them on woods of all kinds. In the beginning, Neanderthals carved wood into purely utilitarian shapes for cooking, building, and hunting. The Chinese and Egyptian civilizations are both credited with the development of the craft of woodworking as an art form.

From the Middle Ages to the Victorian era, masters of woodworking plied their skill toward carving items of rare beauty for royalty, the nobility, and other highborn households. Precious woods of cherry, red oak, maple and other hardwoods carved into fanciful shapes lent an opulence to grand homes not seen in modern times.

Skillfully carved in a variety of hardwoods, each of our charming carved wood onlays are finely detailed and representative of pieces seen in historical settings. They arrive to you unfinished, ready for your paint or stain. Offered in a large selection of shapes and sizes, our beautiful architectural wood carvings are a far departure from the ordinary.

multiple sizes availablexsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge $15.00$54.00
18"H x 3.75"W x 1"D $104.00$134.40
multiple sizes availablemedium, large $45.00$79.20
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $87.16$236.65
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $51.00$128.88
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $43.20$121.41
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $32.81$168.84
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $51.00$128.88
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $32.81$168.84
.6"H x 4.25"W x 4.25"D $32.80$49.80
2.5"H x 23.5"W x 1.25"D $86.40$108.80
2.6"H x 10"W x 1.1"D $51.20$64.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, large $32.64$90.48
16"H x 3"W x .5"D $102.40$132.80
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $27.84$99.84
5.75"H x 11"W x 1"D $48.80$78.80
7"H x 6.1"W x 1.1"D $80.64$97.92
5.25"H x 3.6"W x .9"D $22.80$78.40

The wonderful variety of shell relief carvings installed on walls, cabinets or drawers lend a feeling of being at a quiet beach house. Delightful pineapples add a tropical theme to your kitchen or dining room. Detailed wreaths, urns, and swags add a formal touch to living and dining rooms. For the animal lover, a fierce lion head roars out to passersby, beckoning guests to come within its lair. Depending on the size, our architectural wood carvings can be installed on walls, fireplace mantles, interior doors, adding a touch of luxury to any surface.

If you think of architectural wood carvings as jewelry, you’ll quickly get the idea that these little gems can go practically anywhere a small amount of embellishment is needed. You will be amazed at how a few small, carved pieces of wood can completely transform a room. This underscores the notion that minor improvements can make a significant impact; less is definitely more in this case.

Some may think that the practice of wood carving is a lost art. We think you’ll agree that by just looking at these finely-crafted pieces of art, you’ll be assured that the art of carving wood is alive and well in the world.

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