Kitchen Textures

Beautiful cozy kitchen with large kitchen island, lanterns, counter stools and wall shelves on the back; kitchen design ideas; kitchen decor inspiration

Textures in the Kitchen

There are a lot of surfaces in the kitchen – most are hard with angled edges which don’t exactly spell out a warm and comforting environment. You can balance out the inevitable uninviting surface with soft textures and patterns, as well as warm and homey colors.

To bring instant cheer to an interior space, put a potted plant on the window sill in a terra-cotta pot or some other kind of container. You should try to find flowers that bloom all year around and that have a soft and gentle looking texture to them. Try to use a wooden bowl to contrast the granite or marble countertop; if you have a butcher block counter top, then use a glass bowl to contrast the wood.

kitchen textures; kitchen decor ideas; plants on the window

If you have ever been to the South of France, you may have already set your heart on a French Provincial style kitchen. Then you must also be aware that textures play a huge part in the overall design.

The very easy to get and to add a very dramatic feel to the whole space is to put a plaster on the walls-use soothing colors such as a light lime. Accent the entire kitchen by opting for copper pots and pans and hang them above the stove or the kitchen island. Don’t forget to choose a placemat with earthy tones-such as a brown or a darker green.

If your kitchen countertops are constructed of bleached maple and are against a backsplash of ceramic tiles painted in bright colors, the contrast in texture will help to bring out both of the pieces. The sink should be accented with brass that would bring about an excellent addition of a different type of metal-a swan-neck spout would also put a decorative element into a kitchen space.

The Balance of The Kitchen Textures

When decorating with texture look closely at the texture of an object, think about how it will look next to the other objects that you have selected or were thinking about using. (see also creating a composition). If you would think about, for example, a glass-top table on a wood floor, you would probably get a more cold and barren feeling from it.

If you would simply add a rug underneath, it would bring a sense of softness and the colors of the carpet would bring a sort of homey feel in an otherwise sterile pairing. To soften up the sink, put a cotton washcloth draped across a little towel rack.

Playing with the balance of wood and fabrics is very interesting because it is a play on opposites. You should consider the interaction of textures in your kitchen when choosing kitchen cabinets and flooring material. Many enjoy the look of waxed wood floors in the kitchen, and so usually they do not place more than just a few small rugs to show off as much of the floor as possible.

If there is too much hardwood present in the kitchen one should opt for a larger rug that would very nicely contrast the immense amount of wood which may seem overbearing if not balanced.

Beautiful cozy kitchen with large kitchen island, lanterns, counter stools and wall shelves on the back; kitchen design ideas; kitchen decor inspiration
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While many are used to the custom of hanging fabrics in the kitchen, either in the front or the window or on the sides of the windows as a means of softening up an interior space, you can very easily use a window box. You can plant flowers that coordinate with your kitchen style in regards to the character of the flower as well as the color.

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