Kitchen Styling and Organizing

Kitchen decorating; interior design ideas

Setting-up a Stylish Kitchen Storage

Decorative boxes are lovely for nonromantic things you don’t need to see but want close at hand, such as coupons, receipts, or personal, private items. There are always “dainties” things you don’t want anyone to see, that can be contained in an attractive tin or box. You can leave a multitude of objects out in plain sight as long as they are grouped in still life and are appealing to the eye.

Use see-through containers to store items you are attached to and enjoy looking at. Why hide butter cookies in a tint or pottery canister when they’re so pretty and fresh looking? Please keep them in a glass cookie jar instead, where they will excite taste buds and warm hearts. Everybody has an obvious kitchen gear – plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, pots and pans, flatware, small appliances, and staple foods that need to be easily accessible daily. Instead of putting the most frequently used dishes and glasses in one place, have everything separated into groups. All glasses go in a cupboard, so you see the whole range at a glance. All dishes should be visible as you reach to make a selection.

By grouping your necessities into specific categories, they will look organized inside your kitchen shelves. You can now easily locate a stemmed glass for your orange juice, and a pretty porcelain dessert dish for scrambled eggs.

Think of upgrading what you use, not downgrading. If you have kitchen space restrictions, eliminate the items you don’t like, not your favorite “good” dishes. Inevitably you’ll come across some odds and ends, gifts you don’t like, but you like the giver, presents from children you can’t part with, and some overly ornate objects you now know were a mistake to buy because you’ve only used them once. Spend some time assessing your categories and strike a healthy balance.

3"H x 25"W x 16"D $820.00
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Organizing Your Kitchen

Continue to categorize methodically until you have examined each pot, pan, mixing bowl, and small appliance. The kitchen is a natural gathering place for unnecessary gadgets the doughnut makers and waffle irons you haven’t used in twenty years. You might be appalled at tie blackened, greasy cookie sheet taking up space in your kitchen shelf. No item should be depressing, no matter how necessary. The life span of kitchen miscellany isn’t equal to our own; therefore you should treat your household to an upgrade throughout the years. Always try to balance the practicality of kitchen article with its design. The tools of the eating ritual should be beautiful as well as useful.

Kitchen decorating; interior design ideas

Do you have an excellent place to store wine, liquor, juice, and soft drinks? Do you have a specific spot in the kitchen for flower arranging near where you store flower containers? Do you have a drawer for can-lies and holders, so it is easy to reach for a few and light them for a simple meal? Do you have a place for napkins both paper and cloth where you can see at a glance what you want for the occasion? By being strict about your categories, no matter how varied the sizes, shapes, color, and materials, you will be putting your house in a desirable order. When all your kitchen paraphernalia, including trays, baskets, and aprons, are in designated places, the family can help you keep these objects in their places.

Store your flat silver side by side with your stainless steel. Don’t have a hierarchy for “every day” versus “best” because when your finest things are out of reach or out of sight, getting them down for the holidays or other special occasions will be an exhausting process. Every day is a celebration, and you should use some of your favorite things to ritualize meals with your family. A favorite dessert plate can make some fresh strawberries an elegant and deletions experience. Even in the smallest apartment, make room for your finest possessions. If you have to give up some things, they should be the dishes and glasses you don’t love to make room for your best. Meals are ceremonies that should be as beautiful as can be.

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