Adding Panache to Your Kitchen Remodel with Wooden Brackets

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’re probably thinking of the kind of cabinets you would like, the style of pulls or knobs should be used or what kind of countertops and in what colors would work best for your kitchen revamp. But while you’re considering these options for your kitchen remodel, think about the structural aspects while reflecting on expressing your unique style at the same time. The application of wood brackets in strategic places in your new kitchen can make a minor update into a major attraction.

Think about adding a few of our beautiful wood brackets to support the countertop – especially if using solid material, such as granite or concrete. This not only is stylish, but the wooden brackets also help distribute the weight of the overhang on those heavy countertops. You don’t need to have a super heavy countertop to justify the use of brackets.

elegant traditional kitchen design featuring carved wood corbels; kitchen design ideas; kitchen decor inspiration

If you’re replacing your cabinets, adding wooden brackets after the new cabinet installation can undoubtedly add a bit of flair and panache to any style. But even if you’re just updating the doors and drawers, think about augmenting the style with wood brackets.

Don’t forget about the upper cabinets. Wood brackets placed under the wall cabinets offer the illusion of support as well as adding an artistic element. Placing a couple of wooden brackets against the cabinets over the sink will add some decorative punch.

$59.62$735.59 T4SILPED-P
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There is a wooden bracket to appeal to almost any style. From classical to contemporary to modern to whimsical – our selection of wood brackets is sure to answer the need to express your own personal style. The style of our wood brackets carved with acanthus leaf harkens back to ancient Greece, with the leaf design on the front and swirl with floral detail on the sides – suitable for large kitchens that beg for an equally large dose of style.

Plain or fancy, structural or decorative, our wooden brackets add a layer of sophistication that you just won’t get with a standard kitchen remodel. The boost of style you get by including these decorative wood brackets to your kitchen remodel is sure to please you and your guests for years to come.

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