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Any room can go from just another room to a stunningly beautiful showplace room just by the smart and creative use of interesting architectural details. Special additions like crown molding, wood onlays, wood carvings and wood columns placed so they create a unique custom built-in cabinet look or a fireplace surround look all add that extra “wow” element. One of the best places to use these attractive architectural accents is surrounding a beautiful fireplace.

Impressive wood carvings and rectangular wood rosettes strategically placed on walls and above a beautiful hand-carved Boston columns add an air of sophistication and dramatic flair to any space. All wood pieces from the wood carvings to the onlays to the columns and half-columns are carved from the best woods available today. These fine all-natural woods have been triple sanded and are entirely ready to be finished.

Premium carved accents can be painted white or a neutral contrast color so they will blend in with a wall for a luxurious look. By simply staining them to bring out the gorgeous wood luster of these natural hardwoods, a more natural look can be retained. Woods used to create these exceptional accents, and onlays include the ever-popular white oak and cherry. Add elegance to the room while still keeping an earthy feel by featuring these beautiful and special hardwood architectural details.

When creating the perfect fireplace room to be used for talks by the firelight or for reading a great book while being warmed by the fireplace on a chilly night, it is essential not to forget the ceiling. Crown molding can be used to soften edges and to move the eye in an upward direction. When crown molding is used along with the creative use of columns, it can make any room seem as if it has a vaulted ceiling, even if it doesn’t.

When architectural details are done right, they add so much to any beautiful space. They allow the person creating the space to create a focus on one specific area, or on several interesting sections of a room. Like a sculptor, you can make the eye go where you want it to go throughout the space you’ve created and accent all the architectural elements that you think are most important in the room.

These superior quality architectural products revitalize the look of a room and add an aura of excitement that takes any room from plain to magnificent. Be proud to entertain guests to the soft glowing and crackling of a warm fire and enjoy those looks of admiration of the space you’ve created. You’ve worked hard to bring your space to that special place of uniqueness that only you can create.

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