Easy Kitchen Decorating Tips

Kitchen decorating; interior design ideas

Collections and displays link a person to his or her home as they truly reflect the individual’s style and taste. This statement holds, particularly in today’s kitchen. Here, shelves and corner cupboards house favored items. So, too, do pot shelves, walls, countertops, and wall niches. Even the windowsill above the sink is not safe from the gathering of worthy pieces. Everyday dishes, pottery, and utensils of intriguing design and character are as suitable for display here as is a crystal vase in an elegant living room.

Kitchen decorating; interior design ideas

The charm of commonly used items seems to come alive in the kitchen. When objects are grouped and displayed together, there are endless ways to arrange them throughout the kitchen; however, all well-designed compositions share a common character. They combine organization with interest, enticing an admirer to get closer to appreciate each piece individually.

For what is a beautiful collection but the sum of its impressive parts? The color, shape, and finish of an object help define it. So do its texture and size. These are the properties that can make even the most utilitarian and simple item enjoyable. There is so much visual strength that can be found in the room’s most basic items. When carefully selected and arranged, they can create magic.

Use repetition, texture, scale, and color as tools in the display. Give display room to breathe and do not clutter or pile items together. When choosing pieces, rule nothing out. Consider every object and look for qualities that you may not have recognized before.

Even a collection of matching dishes becomes interesting when dissimilarities in size or shape are punctuated in a presentation.

Don’t be afraid to group dissimilar object. Link them by theme or color. For example, use the same color mat board to coordinate a collection of unrelated framed items. Alternatively, paint the frames the same hue.

Kitchen has a lot of hard practical surfaces – the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, sink, and many countertops – that need to be balanced with soft textures to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

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