Designing and Building a Fireplace Mantel

Classic fireplace mantel with corbels and carvings; interior design ideas

If you have a beautiful large fireplace than you could experience problems to find a large enough mantle to accommodate the larger than average firebox consider making a custom mantle. With the full range of fireplace mantel parts such as wood carvings you can find on our website, you can make your very own mantle that fits not only your fireplace but also your style and exact specifications. The best part of the whole process is that you will be able to install in one piece.

Classic fireplace mantel with corbels and carvings; interior design ideas

If you are drawing a blank on what design to go with, then you should simply look through our inspiration gallery for some ideas. Historical designs inspired all of our wood fireplace mantles and constructed in the meticulous details. Most of the parts that you would need to build the beautiful new fireplace mantel you can readily purchase on

There is no formula in designing your mantle except for only a few essential criteria. As a safety regulation, there should be enough space between the fireplace opening and combustible parts of the mantel. You should consult the local fire-safety codes for exact measurements. Any other considerations you might base on the type of fireplace that you have and whatever mantle style that you have in mind. Any number of combinations could be made with the mantle pats that we provide.

Mantel parts you might choose for the sides of traditional wooden mantels

  • fluted pilasters
  • columns or half-columns
  • recessed or raised panels

These vertical fireplace mantel parts extend from the floor to the underside of the shelf and are narrower than the vertical field boards, even with molding applied. Here are some examples:

Classic gracious design of the Sacramento fireplace mantels speaks gently of understated elegance and undeniable refinement

Four-fluted pilasters used on the sides of the Sacramento fireplace mantel. Oval rosettes adorn the square upper blocks on each side of the fireplace mantel adding some detail and charm to the overall look of the fireplace.

Fluting rises up from the base blocks of the fireplace mantels to the rectangular rosettes with intricate flowers

Augusta fireplace mantels are another example of a mantel designed with fluted pilasters on the sides

Maple is creamy-white hardwood with a reddish tinge, sometimes with a dark brown heart. The texture is even, fine and lustrous

Providence fireplace mantel features beautiful fluted half-column with intricate running coin trim used as a decorative side element of the fireplace mantel. These fireplace mantels designed with square plinth bases that add visual weight to the mantel, making it look a bit more substantial and making it an essential cornerstone of the house.

Above fluted half-column, square upper blocks on each side are added to provide additional support to the fireplace mantel shelf. The top blocks are decorated with round carved wood rosettes.

An exceptionally fine solid maple Charlotte fireplace mantels are crowned with a fascinatingly detailed mantel-shelf. Wooden fireplace mantel are hand-carved in deep relief

Panels are very popular as a side treatment for the fireplace mantels. Recessed panels often framed with thin carved decorative trim. Vertical carved wood onlays can be applied inside each group.

Charlotte fireplace mantels and Tampa fireplace mantels are showcasing elegant floral and leaf drops inside the side panels. Charlotte fireplace mantels have a recessed central panel as well. Mantel’s frieze magnificently carved with an impressive swags motif.

Delaware fireplace mantels feature beautifully carved fireplace mantel shelf with embraced palmate leaf design

The wood columns for fireplace mantels can be fluted, reeded, the middle section of the columns can have a carved decorative design.

Delaware fireplace mantel features hand-carved wood half-columns with acanthus leaf on the top and the bottom of the column. The middle part adorned with the bend featuring carved running coin motif. Above half-columns you can see a square upper block with carved-out centers, creating a recessed panel look with a carved rosette center.

Both traditional by design and unconventional in spirit, Baltimore fireplace mantel brings together the strength of acanthus hand-carved capitals

If the side view of the fireplace mantel is essential in the particular interior setting, you might consider using a whole- or a quarter-column on the sides of your fireplace mantel.

The mantle parts used for the Baltimore fireplace mantle were quarter-columns with elegant uprising scrolled acanthus leaf capitals. This configuration of traditional fireplace mantel components provides an eye-pleasing view of the mantel from any angle.

Sophisticated design of these beautiful hand-crafted wooden fireplace mantels features masterfully carved in a deep relief details

A great example of a mantel with whole fluted columns as a structural and decorative element of the fireplace mantel. A fluted column with Ionic capital and “egg and dart” design featured as a part of Pensacola fireplace mantel. You can choose from our complementing mantel parts as a way to enhance the design.

Design of Marietta fireplace mantels futures deeply carved fluting rising from the base-blocks. Four acanthus leaf corbels supporting elaborate shelf of the fireplace mantel

The plinths and bases add architectural weight to the fireplace mantels, pilasters and columns as do top blocks and capitals. Square-edged plinths and blocks also serve as fireplace mantel projections for wrappings with molding as well as for additional support for fireplace mantelshelf. The shelf can be supported with decorative corbels as well. Four elegant corbels support shelf of the stately Marietta fireplace mantels. Frieze panel features carved in a deep relief scrolled leaf design.

The front frieze mantel’s panel can receive almost any type of decoration. Just remember, that traditional fireplace mantels’ styling calls for symmetry and balance. Try using simple and highly decorative mantle parts to have a cohesive fusion design.

For large fireplace mantels use of central block helps break up the frieze and can project for additional molding or carved onlays details. Structure of Pensacola fireplace mantels and Annapolis fireplace mantels is an excellent example of center block use.

The elaborate Annapolis fireplace mantel incorporates designs of the eighteen century. Deeply curved half-columns of this fireplace mantel bringing your eye up through the oval floral rosettes

Design of Annapolis mantel‘s featured parts includes raised side and center blocks adorned with intricate carvings. Central block on the central panel of the fireplace mantel brakes up long frieze, adds an extra definition to the center panel and allows for additional fireplace mantel embellishments. Two beautiful solid hardwood half-columns with rising leaf and Ionic capital were used on both sides of the mantel.

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