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creative ceiling design; interior design inspiration; ceiling decor ideas

Be creative with your ceiling design. Look up at your ceiling. As each room has a different ceiling that affects the feeling of the space, a range of creative options is available to you if you decide your ceilings deserve or need decorative attention.

Elegant ceiling design with ceiling medallions, crown moldings, panels and rosettes

Lighting, texture, paint, paper, and fabric can all be applied to your ceiling. In a coat closet, for example, to bring a too-high ceiling down, you can have your walls shirred in a blue-and-white small-scale print and tented the ceiling, so the eye is delighted with the color and texture of the luxurious folds of fabric. In the center of the ceiling where the material gathered together, hang a hand-painted lantern in blues and greens. If you have a beautiful carving or plasterwork, it can be articulated and enhanced.

If your ceiling is low, you can make an interior space feel more expansive by installing our architectural products. Installing crown molding with indirect lighting will flood the ceiling with light and create a beautiful ceiling design with an illusion if height. Adding a ceiling dome a great way to create a feeling of a high ceiling. Check our extensive ceiling domes collection. If you already have a ceiling dome, color, and a decorative chandelier may be what you need. If you have a cathedral ceiling with exposed structural beams, you may want to color them in bright, fresh shades in your ceiling design rather than use the traditional dark stains.

Walls and ceiling take on different moods throughout the day and at night as well as at different times of the year. Be aware of the wide range of creative ceiling design options and have the courage to make changes, so your walls and ceiling feel right for you.

Ceiling, in addition to protecting you from bad weather, should allow you to feel free and open, like the sky.

None of us inherits perfectly graceful walls and ceiling, but it is up to us to make them beautiful.

creative ceiling design ideas; modern interiors inspiration

Ceiling – the largest unused area of a room – has been given special attention for hundreds of years. In many contemporary interiors, the ceiling’s potential to add character to the room has been neglected. In recent years changing interior styles have produced exhilarating ceiling designs, which add new dimensions to interior space. With smart interior design through the use of creative materials and finishes, the ceiling can become the focal point or an essential backdrop for other interior elements.

Add welcoming dimensions to your ceiling by bringing decorative ceiling elements: ceiling medallions, ceiling rims, beautiful molding, and ceiling domes. Whether it is a Historical restoration, new construction, or remodeling with our products, you can create impressive ceiling design.

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