Craftsman and Mission Corbels

Craftsman style corbels Launches Traditional American Home Decor Collection

Subtle and stylish home decor elements such as corbels, wood brackets, carved onlays, and molding can add a new level of class to absolutely any room. Architectural element supplier has just launched a new line of their gorgeous “Craftsman” and “Mission” model wood corbels. The new corbel collections are influenced by, and exhibit features of, the American Arts and Crafts movement with their unique simplicity and classic sophistication.

Traditionally, the Craftsman and Mission artists of the 1700s used simplicity and natural beauty as a guideline throughout their design and carving process. Both groups used new world hardwoods, such as oak and maple, as the basis for their distinctive creations. In the Craftsman and Mission style corbels were carved and polished so that the quality natural beauty of the wood was always apparent. Staining was usually reserved for woods of lesser quality, but today can be done to match new pieces to an existing home decor or color scheme.’s Product Manager, Mr. Albert Delaney, says that the introduction of the collection was a direct response to a gap in the home decor market. “The new collection is based on customer requests for clean line corbels that are geometrically balanced yet functional to offer support for granite countertops and shelves,” he said. So far, Albert and the rest of the company are enthusiastic about customer reaction to the new line, “Feedback on the new collection of mission and craftsman corbels have been, in a word, tremendous.” Delaney emphasized he personally felt that “simplicity and harmony of shapes and the craftsman’s creed of honesty in materials,” were all contributing factors towards the new collection’s positive reception.

multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium $89.93$327.80
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium $79.12$160.08
22"H x 6.5"W x 9"D $286.00$371.80
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium $103.25$184.80
14"H x 4"W x 4"D $113.10$146.90
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium $49.80$425.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium $49.00$222.60

The Craftsman and Mission style woodwork, such as furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and mill pieces, have recently made a considerable comeback into today’s world of design.’s new line of corbels reflect the root of this traditional style: authentic carving favored over factory mass production. Although it may be hard to believe, each corbel is individually hand-carved by highly skilled craftsmen from a variety of solid woods.

The new corbels typically come in three sizes and a variety of different woods which make them easy to fit into a wide range of designs and desired applications. Do-it-yourselfers can even choose the same design of corbel to carry a theme in a room, but utilize the varying sizes to fit specific nuances in the room. In a kitchen, for example, the smaller corbels may be used in the design of cabinetry, while medium and large corbels may be used as support structures for countertops and shelves.

Corbel installation is straightforward, and with the beautiful designs of the Mission and Craftsman style, the finished project is sure to look beautiful and breathe new life into any room. is committed to providing exquisitely designed handcrafted home furniture, architectural products and unique decorative accents manufactured to the highest quality standards. Their extensive selection of architectural accents and home improvement additions allow interior designers, decorators, and homeowners to create a home decor of their dreams!

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