Choosing the Right Location for Your Console Tables

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Console tables are somewhat misunderstood. Some folks seem to think that they have limited use in the home. Nothing could be further from the truth! Often found positioned behind a sofa or settee, console tables are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the home.

Consoles are tall, shallow tables with varying widths. It’s easy to see that these tables will fit nearly anywhere a standard occasional table can’t go or isn’t practical. Sure, you can put one behind a sofa, but you don’t have a stop there. Console tables can be located in so many areas – the variations are endless.

Choosing the right location for your console table is really easy. Any spot in your home that needs a little “something” but where an occasional table or end table doesn’t fit well is a great place for a console table. If an area is large, is an odd shape or contains a feature that interferes with other pieces, a console table might be just right. A hint: Don’t hide your console table behind a sofa where no one will see it! A console table is a beautiful piece of art – show it off!


$6,240.00 ARTF5519
37.5"H x 50"W x 20"D
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32"H x 60"W x 18"D
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33"H x 39"W x 15"D

Try these ideas to add charm and elegance to your home:

  • A console table in the entryway can serve as a butler for your comings and goings. Place your keys in a basket or box for easy access. It’s also a great place for busy families to leave notes for each other. Put a mirror or a sconce on the wall above it to balance the look.
  • Place a console table in a coordinating style and color between two matching pieces of furniture, such as small chests or bookshelves.
  • In hallways, console tables add elegance to an otherwise furniture-free area. Accent a piece of wall art by placing a console table beneath and decorate with items to compliment the colors or textures of the art.
  • Create interest in a non-functioning fireplace with a console table placed inside. Of course, you want to be sure to clean out the hearth first. Decorate with items that will show up in the darkened area – or place a light source inside to enhance the drama.
  • The office, bedroom, powder room – even a walk-in closet are excellent places for a console table. Dining rooms, A/V rooms, sunrooms or the nursery also work well. Walkthrough your home to see what possibilities a console table or two (or three) will do to help balance out your decor.

Console tables are a beautiful, stylish addition to your home. They not only provide a surface for items in places where other tables won’t go but also reflects your personal style in a manner that speaks volumes.

Your choice of the table makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the room, so be sure that your table not only offers the function that you need but also provides a reflection of your style and helps to bring the room together.

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