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When choosing molding, the way you plan on finishing them can help you decide the best material to use. If you plan on painting your moldings, you can save money by buying a high-quality polyurethane molding or molding made from a high-density polymer system. All our polyurethane molding are engineered and manufactured to fit flush to the wall and ceiling. Splintering, cracking, warping, rotting or and finish sanding, common with wood molding, are eliminated with polyurethane or polymer molding material! The inherent characteristics of plaster and gypsum molding material, including heavy unmanageable weight and fragility, will routinely create multiple shipping and installation problems.

In recent years, long forgotten ways of decorating, have come back in style. Today we try to find the perfect harmony between modern technology and classic details. Polyurethane material has been present in our lives for years. This molding is made for the builder of the new century and is made to eliminate problems that moldings you may face today. It is excellent due to the fact that it can withstand moisture, temperature changes, and termites or other unwanted pests will not destroy them. The newer material is used to capture the details of years past and is the perfect example of the limbo between the old and the new elements of current designs.

The molding products tend to take center stage in the decor scheme of the room. The moldings, rosettes, and niches are the first layer in the overall room plan. The molding can be installed on any kind of wall surface with liquid nails and then reinforced with a few molding nails. The liquid nails help to maintain a clean finish with almost no extra work to be done to make the molding look finished.

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The high-quality molding is made using aluminum molds to assure consistent part to part matching that prevents installation delays and creates ornamental design detail. Molding produced with an exterior acrylic foil for a smooth surface, the best paint bonding and long term protection against scratches and humidity infiltration. Moldings are coated with an acrylic primer, so they are ready to paint or stain. This molding collection offers moldings in a flexible series for curved walls

Polyurethane molding collection consists of moldings with perfect joint, bi-mold, computer-matched repeat.This unique and precise manufacturing method creates molding with an ideal joint. This means that every piece of molding will have the same width, depth, and length – matching piece to piece – exactly – every time. The computer-matched manufacturing process creates a molding that has “perfect repeat or pattern match” of each molding length. This means each length of molding is precisely the same; the repeat pattern ends precisely where the next length of molding begins. Costly, labor-intensive pattern match cutting of molding is not an issue with our products. Every length of molding will have an exact pattern repeat match from one piece to the next. This yields a swift, professional installation with less product and labor costs.

All these moldings can be finished quickly with any high-quality latex or oil-based paint. The possibilities are endless! For a luxurious appearance of molding add a finish in gold, silver or copper leaf. Faux finish your molding in marble, granite or gemstone surface – or try one of the new decorative finishes such as suede, leather, sponging or stippling. Also, for the truly ambitious – try a decorative painting of individual molding elements as shown here. Dream decors await your imagination! Though not expensive, polymer molding can be an economical option for highly elaborate crowns and other molding trim details.

If you prefer to retain the natural beauty of wood with a stain or clear finish, choose moldings made from solid hardwood such as maple, cherry, red or white oak. Wooden moldings are available on our site. Our wood molding is hand-carved from solid hardwood in beautiful classical designs. You can choose among different molding styles and profiles wood molding that is right for your application — wooden crown, chair rail, frieze, and pierced molding available. Our carved wood molding collection includes hand-carved wood molding, pierced wood molding, sculptured wood molding, and embossed wood molding.

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