Choosing Chandeliers That are Just Right

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The best place to begin to decide what chandelier would work for you in a room is to narrow down the choice of chandeliers materials. Chandeliers can be made of many materials, each with a different effect in the decorative scheme. On their own, materials such as wood, brass, iron, gold, silver, bronze seem neutral with no immediate associations. When paired with other elements in the room, they become more potent. Gold leaf is opulent; wood is warm, nickel is modern, brass is traditional, crystal is formal. But whatever the material, a glittering chandelier always ensures a little magic in a room.

When chandeliers are made from corroded metal, it refers to a garden. Rusted handcrafted wrought iron chandeliers with Swarovski crystal drops will act as a romantic centerpiece in any decorative scheme. Some time chandeliers like this can seem far more rustic than the room occurs, but remember that juxtaposition of styles is always surprising and refreshing. It is the same as putting a French Bohemian crystal chandelier in the industrial loft. It takes a certain amount of design confidence to mix styles deliberately.

Chandeliers go a long way in pulling together what might seem otherwise like disparate element. If traditional decorating rules say that each piece in a room should have a similar tone and provenance, use a chandelier to break the rules. If you like a beautiful Louis XVI crystal chandelier, don’t feel that you have to complete the room in a similar style. For instance, an ornate crystal chandelier adds an unexpected and sophisticated touch to a country-inspired dining room. An over-the-top, fancy Maria Theresa crystal chandelier in an otherwise slick interior can make a room even more enjoyable.

Gilded Empire crystal chandelier in a small country cottage is pure romance. The ubiquitous brass chandelier in a traditional room is a much more intriguing addition when it has a matte finish. Like a woman in a stylish hat, chandeliers are often made more charming by the addition of shades. Use any of our chandeliers like you would one of the gowns. Save our chandeliers for special places in your home. Design your room around our chandeliers because they will undoubtedly take center stage.

It is essential to consider the scale when choosing a chandelier. You have to think of how it should impact the room and the size that would be absolutely perfect for it. Different kinds of chandeliers impact the space in different ways: crystal chandeliers impact with their volume, while the wrought iron chandeliers impact with its lines and its overall shape to impact.

A lot of gorgeous chandeliers are made to reflect the look of a seventeenth-century candelabra. They are all in a matte finish, which is a very elegant design choice since it will allow the metal to tarnish. The antique effect is kept in check to make sure that it is stable. Antique brass chandeliers bring in a very warm atmosphere into the home. It is a fantastic addition to a traditional space, as well as a great way to punch up a modern interior. The motifs all vary but still get the point across of being the most elegant item in the whole room. The chandeliers are in a French gold finish that teases and delight the visual senses. All of our chandeliers can be used in any rooms in your home. They are perfect for anything like the dining rooms, bedrooms, foyers, walkways, and private libraries.

What type of decor would welcome a chandelier?

Any type of decor can handle having a chandelier incorporated into it. The material and the style all depends on the overall decorating schema. The most important part is being able to classify the type of decor that you have in your home, then you can decide if you would like the chandelier to go with the flow of the decor or to be something that is an accent mark. A more classical looking chandelier will be a great addition to a modern home if you like the idea of fusion. Some people are interested in bringing simpler lines into a more intricate room. Whichever way you like it, there is a way to make it work.

Importance of the right material for your chandeliers

When trying to match the chandelier to your space perfectly, you should first think about the material that you would like to incorporate. There are many choices for that: wood, brass, iron, gold, silver, or brass. The different materials will have a disparate impact on the space. The wood tends to warm up the area, the brass usually brings a sense to traditional design into the room, and the crystal could easily elevate things to a more formal level. When used in the room with other objects, such as furniture, it takes everything to a whole new level. You could boldly mix different styles and different moods to whip up a whole new kind of design.

Wrought iron chandeliers with Swarovski crystal droplets will have a one of a kind effect on your room. The wrought iron will bring a sense of wonder due to being a reminder of the outdoors, as well as the French style. The Swarovski droplets add a bit of glamour to the rustic look of the wrought iron, making a very unexpected combination. It is an excellent addition to almost any decor. If you would like to go for a daring look in your room, then you should think about mixing a wrought iron chandelier into the more contemporary and streamline-looking decor. A beautiful crystal chandelier is also an excellent touch for a country-style room, a cottage-inspired room.


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