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chandeliers placement; elegant crystal chandelier

There are only a couple of special spots in our homes that we reserve for chandeliers. Usually, placement of chandeliers over dining tables and in the main entranceway is a given. But there are many other places were chandelier would work just fine. Chandeliers can do a great deal to help create the overall look of a room, well beyond the amount of light that a chandelier sheds.

Accepting that chandeliers retainer elements of grandeur and luxury, no meter how modest the chandelier is, makes them that much more interesting to incorporate into the decorative scheme of a room. Chandeliers, when used over the dining table, should be suspended approximately 30″ above the table in an 8’00” high room, chandeliers should be raised three inches for each additional foot of ceiling height

Where To Hang a Chandelier

Exactly where chandelier goes into the room is an important design consideration. A chandelier is usually a significant part of a room’s decorative scheme and has a strong visual presence. The first thing to consider is the wiring because it involves not only electrical work, but often carpentry, plasterwork, and painting. So where to place the junction box, which will determine where the chandelier will be hung, is something you want to get right the first time. This is often a decision that needs to be made during construction or renovation, and so it is often made in advance of choosing the exact fixture. You can make this decision while you’re standing in the room with your contractor, but it might be better to start thinking about it with the aid of a floor plan.

Using a Floor Plan for Chandeliers Placement

If the chandelier will be hung over a table, either in the hall or the dining room, it is essential that you determine the exact placement of the table, because the chandelier, in turn, needs to be centered over it. The table and chandelier together become an inseparable unit.

Generally, chandeliers over tables are hung below-average head height, so if you move the table; you’ll bump your head. Chandeliers that are not exactly centered over a table look awkward and poorly planned. Using a floor plan, you can make sure that there is adequate space to walk all around the table if it’s in a hall or library, and room for chairs in the case of a dining table. There has to be enough room around the chairs, even when they’re occupied, to pass by. Once you’ve placed the table, the chandelier simply gets centered above it. If you are uncomfortable using a floor plan, a large piece of cardboard cut to the size of the table works just as well.

Giving a kitchen its own personality requires careful consideration focused on decorating, and adding the right finishes and details. Beautiful double island antiqued white kitchen with acanthus corbels, beautiful ceiling design, fabulous lighting fixtures;

Chandeliers Height Adjustment

The second consideration is the height, “How high should I hang the chandelier?” This is easier in a living room or library or den, where the chandelier is hanging above you, and you should pass under it. The final height is determined once the exact chandelier is chosen such that there is enough clearance to walk under comfortably and high enough that it is not in your peripheral vision such that you feel the need to duck every time you pass under it. The chandelier should be centered in the room or aligned architecturally, and you should not worry about the furnishings below it. In other words, if there are significant architectural features in the room – a fireplace, and arched opening, a pair of windows – use those as a guide for the placement of the chandelier.

If the chandelier is to be hung above a dining table, the lowest point of the chandelier should be 36″ above it, this allows a pair of diners to see across the table when seated. The chandelier should be centered above the table surface.

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