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How to make an authentic statement using reproduction chairs

This is a fact: you need to incorporate chairs into a well-functioning household unless you enjoy sitting on the floor. Chairs do so much more than provide a place to sit, though. The right chairs add ambiance and style to the room, especially if you choose reproduction chairs to meet your seating needs.

It’s tempting to think only in terms of larger pieces of furniture when adding a statement to a room. Sofas and tables do occupy more square footage than most chairs, but don’t underestimate the stylistic impact that the right chair can add to a room’s decor. Consider, for example, the statement that reproduction chairs such as a British Imperial Army officer’s chair could impart: Victorian grandeur, authoritative good looks, and comfort, as well. The rich Napa leather and cowhide construction is enhanced with authentic brass hardware, and the design of the chair invites you to sit right down and stay for a while.

Plain Jane office chairs provide seating while you perform your work-related tasks; this much is true. But why should you settle for a regular office chair when excellent options in reproduction chairs abound? A faithful replica of a Purser’s Desk chair offers the ideal match to any office desk, yet it provides a rich sense of history and place while providing a comfortable perch. In a similar vein, another interesting choice in office chairs is the reproduction Navy chair, which features handmade craftsmanship and is available in several appealing color choices.

While the appeal of reproduction chairs is evident as a substitution for office chairs in a home office, many other rooms would benefit from these chairs. A handsome reproduction chair makes a great dining room chair, for example, either singly or in pairs. Mixing dining chairs is a current decorating trend that adds interest and an eclectic style to a dining room, so let a reproduction chair reflect your unique taste when selecting your dining room chairs.

You’ll also find much good use for a reproduction chair in the living room or the family room; places, where family and friends tend to gather, should have lots of seating choices so that it’s comfortable and inviting to sit down. You and your guests will spend many an enjoyable hour in good conversation while you enjoy both the style and the comfort of reproduction chairs.

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