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Types of Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting requires the type of flexibility that is energizing in the morning and calming at night, with task lighting for reading or around the mirror. Recessed down lights mounted on the tray ceiling right above the bed, supplement a pair of table lamps for bedside reading, and indirect lighting on the ceiling provides mood lighting. Many bedrooms and bedroom closets do not have any ceiling fixtures and must rely on lamps alone. One outlet is usually connected to the switch. So someone entering the room can immediately turn on a light. If this is the case in your bedroom, position enough lamps to light the room evenly.

Bedrooms need comfortable general lighting with appropriate task lights for reading, grooming, deskwork, and other activities. Direct lighting is also helpful in the bedroom when placed over chest of drawers, in closets, close to seating, and over beds. Dim circulation lighting for safety at night is a basic requirement. Accent lighting can be effectively used to focus on a painting or wall unit.

Natural light in the bedroom is always best, of course, but not all homes are blessed with sufficient sunlight. You can make artificial light in the bedroom dramatic and seductive but functional at the same time. Whether in their early twenties or late seventies, all buyers like a little atmosphere in the bedroom.

General Lighting

General lighting is somewhat less important in the bedroom than in other areas of the home. The most important rule is to make sure that whatever lighting fixture you have is clean, bright, and attractive. General lighting can be provided by chandeliers, flush-mount ceiling lights or recessed lighting.

Task Lighting

Reading or applying makeup requires specific lighting. There is a wide range of lighting options, including sconces (fixtures like swing-arm sconce can be placed at the head of the bed creating a beautiful bedroom wall decor, and can be adjusted for reading) or table lamps. If you buy lamps to market your bedroom, consider selecting only those fixtures that you can take with you when you sell your home. If you want a more permanent look, consider a wall-mounted track light. When installed with a dimmer, these lights can be tremendously versatile.

Accent Lighting

Mood or accent lighting can highlight objects in your bedroom and set the right tone. Create a dramatic effect by placing portable can lights on the floor behind furniture – like bureaus or the headboard on your bed. Lights placed behind large floor plants will also create an interesting atmosphere. This will, of course, only work if you are showing your home during the evening or the dark corners in one or more of your bedrooms. Make sure all cords are carefully hidden.


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