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“Think of your bedroom closet as a secret treasure chest.”

Remember, closets are small rooms, just as important as the rooms that are seen by guests.

In Zen consciousness, small spaces are equal in significance to big spaces. What is seen and unseen are one. You experience your bedroom closet and storage every day, so why not put some flair into these areas? Bedroom closet need not be boring or unremarkable. Think of your bedroom closet as a secret treasure chest.

A considerable amount of closet space is one of the bedroom basics. The challenge is always to make your bedroom as beautiful as you can make it, and not have your storage needs impinge on the life-force and harmony of your master bedroom design.

Each individual has a different tolerance level for disorder, and the better your relationship with your bedroom closet and storage, the cozier your bedroom will feel. You can pretend that you are a boat builder and learn to utilize every nook and cranny of the space.

Private Haven in the Bedroom Closet

Bedrooms can become more heavenly when you maximize the use of your closet space, allowing for more “lightness of being”. Better to store as many clothes as possible in your closet than to have an extra chest of drawers taking up space and weighing down a room. If you have a shortage of built-in drawers in your bedroom closet, consider using hat boxes stacked in the closet to hold stockings, socks, and underwear.

Take advantage of the ceiling height and consider having two rows of hanging clothes, one on top of the other. You will probably need a pole notched to hook the hangers purchased at a house-wares store to retrieve the clothes hanging from the higher rod, but this minor inconvenience is well worth the extra space. Keep an attractive solid wooden footstool in every closet to reach the higher shelves, otherwise, you will risk bringing the entire contents down on your head when you only want to retrieve a sweater. If you keep your hanging items on one side of your closet, you can use the opposite wall for shelves and a series of drawers with a recessed space to grip them so there’s no need for protruding hardware.

You can turn your average-sized bedroom closet into a private haven. To achieve this feeling, you can install a mirror down one whole side and along a ledge. Mirrors always give an illusion of more space. By graduating the built-in drawers to allow the drawers you encounter as you first enter to be narrower than the drawers further in, they are not as bulky in the space. You can have a carpenter to build the units, but you can purchase them ready-made in different depths. You can install adjustable Lucite shelves inside each cubby so you will see more of what’s on the high shelves as well as to create a more open feeling.

While you may find shoe boxes ideal for other storage, it is more convenient to keep shoes in clear plastic boxes stacked in the closet so you can find them easily as you get dressed. Organize them by color so you don’t waste time searching for the appropriate pair. Men usually prefer simple open shelves for shoes. Shelves that project from the wall at a downward angle are too fussy.

If you have inadequate closet space, create your own. Some people use portable racks on wheels bought inexpensively at hardware stores. You can buy separate standing storage units, great for a kitchen or in a sitting room, to store a television or stereo. The practical everyday stuff of life in this small room makes it no longer just a storage closet, but also a warm and happy space.

Cleaning The Closet

How often have you wished you had more closet space in your bedroom? If you feel you are at the end of your rope with clutter, don’t jump to the conclusion that the only answer is additional space. Start by maximizing what you already have by weeding out any clothing and accessories you no longer need and donating them to your local Salvation Army or church. An uncluttered closet looks larger, and donated clothes provide welcome tax deductions. Have the courage to reorganize your bedroom closet from scratch. so it will be more accessible and suitable for your lifestyle and interests, increasing the pleasantness of your time at home.

When you clean out your bedroom closet before you rush to put everything back in a more orderly fashion, contemplate the newly emptied space. Don’t be discouraged by crumbling plaster, dirt, or sad beige walls. Until you confront chaos and what lies beyond, you won’t be able to ruthlessly edit what you store, and you will never have enough storage space. You will feel very liberated after confronting the closet in your bedroom.

After you clear the closet paint the walls brilliant white. Once the paint is dry, only the clothes that are worn or used at the current time should go in. To avoid throwing random items on the upper shelves, place as much as you can in a colorful hatbox. You will breathe more freely knowing the bedroom closet has gone on an effective diet.

Making The Most Out of the Bedroom Closet

Split-Level Closet Storage

Once your closet has been cleaned out, try grouping all long items of clothing-dresses, coats, and suits – on one side and all shirts and skirts on the other side. Beneath the shorter clothes, you may suddenly find enough space for a bureau or chest that was formerly sitting in the bedroom. This will give you added space in the bedroom. If you choose not to do this, use up the empty space by placing a second closet rod at a lower level. This will enable you to hang twice as many shirts, skirts, etc. There is a product called “trapeze bar” serves the same purpose but does not require wall installation. It attaches to the closet bar that is already in your closet and hangs down like a trapeze about a yard lower. you can take it with you if you move, and demonstrates creative ways to stretch limited closet space. Purchasing stackable wire bins for storing smaller objects is an alternative to moving a dresser into the closet, and it will increase the utility of the space. You should invest in these only.

What happens if you feel that your closet is being used as efficiently as possible but you still do not have enough bedroom storage space? Fear not. There are storage areas in your bedroom just waiting to be discovered.

Corner Closets

For every corner of the bedroom, you have another potential closet. By building an enclosure with a door in a corner, thereby forming a triangular storage area, you can convert unused space into an ideal place for shelves that hold linens or other stackable items. You can easily put up shelves along unused walls in your closet by installing the vinyl-coated wire systems available at many home-improvement stores. The beauty of the shelves is that you can take them with you when you sell the property.

Dressing Area in the Closet

If you have an especially large walk-in closet, you may be able to convert part of it into a small dressing area for putting on makeup and finishing touches. You might even have room for a small dressing table. Place a mirror above the area you have chosen and install some shelves alongside. By getting the most out of your closet, you can suggest how useful your bedroom truly is.

Bedroom Closet Doors

Take a good look at your closet doors and think of ways to upgrade them. This might simply mean replacing an old knob with one made of brass or porcelain. the most important element of a door-knob is how it feels in your hand. solid brass oval door-knob is one of the best designs for the bedroom because its shape is sensuous and inviting to grip and turn. There is a lot of appreciation for solid brass hardware. Knobs that look like rocks and cut-glass knobs are fussy and out of place. Even though twisted steel hardware and other more complicated designs abound, consider your house’s hardware as architecture and make it as classic as possible.

The most popular and very easy closet doors upgrade is with panel moldings. By creating a door panel you will add elegance and depth, giving your doors a substantial presence. You should be able to do this project yourself using lightweight shock-resilient panel molding. The installation of this molding is quick and easy and does not require nails.

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