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It is a universal truth: there is no other room more favored in a home than the kitchen. Kitchens seem to possess an almost magnetic quality. Perhaps its mysterious ability to draw us into the room can be attributed to mankind’s fascination with fire and the comforting properties of the hearth. Or perhaps we are naturally drawn to the kitchen because we are creatures of our biology, congregating wherever there is the nourishment to sustain us. Certainly, the setting has an ability to relax our spirits, allowing us to shed the weight of the day’s toils and tribulations.

It is arguable that the kitchen should be renamed the living room since so many of the businesses of life and living are conducted there. Primarily, there are the tasks of cooking, with its prep and cleaning aspects. Moreover, although there may be a perfectly good dining room in which to dine in, many people find that most of their meals are taken in the kitchen, seated at a kitchen table, breakfast bar, or at the counter of the kitchen’s island. Here, you pay bills, read the daily newspaper, or leaf through a magazine.

Here, your children attend to their homework, stacks of books and school supplies spread across the available surface. Whether enjoying a board game with your family or giving a child an impromptu cooking lesson, your kitchen is the most lived-in room in your home.

The kitchen’s main purpose is that of utility, but its appearance should be far more than a utilitarian statement. Your kitchen says a lot about you: the presence or absence of certain appliances or features, the type of food in the refrigerator, the colors, tones, and textures that lend to a particular ambiance are not random occurrences. Your lifestyle dictates these aspects of your kitchen. Your kitchen should be the hallmark of your lifestyle, exuding vitality, warmth, and unique characteristics.

At you will find a variety of ways to incorporate the warmth of wood carvings into your kitchen. Consider the cabinet doors; embellished with carved wood panels, or maybe with applied wood carvings of vintage grapes (Madera wood carvings) or wood carvings of an assortment of ripe fruits (Virginia wood carvings) or even realistic carved flowers – Madison carved wood onlays as an example.

multiple sizes availablexsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge $15.00$54.00
18"H x 3.75"W x 1"D $104.00$134.40
multiple sizes availablemedium, large $45.00$79.20
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $87.16$236.65
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $51.00$128.88
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $43.20$121.41
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $32.81$168.84
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $51.00$128.88
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $32.81$168.84
.6"H x 4.25"W x 4.25"D $32.80$49.80
2.5"H x 23.5"W x 1.25"D $86.40$108.80
2.6"H x 10"W x 1.1"D $51.20$64.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, large $32.64$90.48
16"H x 3"W x .5"D $102.40$132.80
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $27.84$99.84
5.75"H x 11"W x 1"D $48.80$78.80
7"H x 6.1"W x 1.1"D $80.64$97.92
5.25"H x 3.6"W x .9"D $22.80$78.40

Consider the hood above the stove. Although the hood’s function is to funnel the smoke and steam from the stove out of the kitchen, recent trends in kitchen design show that the hood is a point of interest. The impressive Carolina wood carving will turn a functional kitchen element into a beautiful focal point in a kitchen’s design. Large wood corbels placed on either side of the hood not only define this focal point but enhance the distinctive feel of the kitchen (see kitchen hood wood brackets). One of the most popular spots to place our carved wood corbels is below a countertop’s overhang (see Chicago brackets for countertop support). Make your breakfast bar or kitchen island as a decorative as it is functional, and you will witness a dramatic improvement in the look of your kitchen.

Wood carvings do not have to match each other exactly, but they should coordinate. Recognize your innate instincts! For instance, the San-Diego wood panels would look lovely on the kitchen cabinet doors with Modesto floral drop furniture onlays on the side panels, and the Washington wood brackets underneath the countertop all mesh beautifully with the Extra-large Charlotte corbels beside the hood.

multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $42.00$157.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $42.00$157.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $42.00$157.00
multiple sizes availablemedium, large $104.00$155.00
multiple sizes availablemedium, large $104.00$155.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $103.00$203.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $42.00$192.00
multiple sizes availablesmall, medium, large $58.00$273.00

Our wood carvings are more than decorative elements accessorizing your kitchen: they are critical design elements that complement a room in your house that is the hub of the home and the center of your life’s activities. By enhancing the mood of this important room, you enhance every single day; imparting vibrant, joyous memories of times spent gathered there with family and friends.

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