Beautiful Candle Sconces Make Decorating A Breeze

candle sconces

Candle sconces used as primary sources of lighting for pioneer homes during colonial times or for castles during ancient and medieval times have been around for many years. It has only been in more recent times, especially since the invention of and use of electrical lighting, that sconces have been relegated to a more decorative role. Even today, they look stunning on any wall and add just a touch of light where there usually would be no light or very dim light.

Elegant sconces like electrified brass and crystal sconces or candle wall sconces are often used as decorative features in fine hotels, resorts, restaurants, and upscale establishments. Candle sconces with a more earthy appeal, like those made of natural stone or wrought iron, are often displayed in places that want to convey a more cozy atmosphere, like relaxing spas and ski lodges.

Decorating the home with pretty sconces is easy if you know a few tricks. Be sure to display beautiful brass sconces or those made of other fine metals like polished nickel where a sophisticated ambiance is wanted, like in a hallway, in an entry foyer, or on the walls of a formal living room. Hurricane candle sconces are perfect in any room where the soft, flickering, homespun glow of candlelight is desirable, especially in places like a comfortable family room or bedroom.

Fine artwork, paintings, or sculptures are given a new and exciting boost of interest when the artwork is surrounded on two sides by pretty sconces. Hurricane candle sconces work exceptionally well for this purpose since their lovely flickering candlelight is encased in an attractive and functional glass enclosure. Mirrored sconces are also beautiful when displayed near the artwork.

The critical thing to remember when displaying candle sconces near art is to use white, neutral, or off-white colored candles, so the candles do not distract from the art piece. Any candles used should blend in nicely with the colors in the artwork, and they should add just a softly flickering accent for subdued interest. Glowing candles offer a hint of romance. They act as a catalyst to quietly highlight the beauty of the art. Sconces also add that extra small touch of light where it could make a big difference, in an otherwise dark area.

The idea is to accent pieces of art, mirrors, or other elegant furnishings with pretty wall sconces, not to take the attention away from the primary pieces. Sconces that are very ornate or feature a lot of candles can be used as a focal point unto themselves on a wall if that is the desired look being created on a particular wall. Creativity is almost limitless when using beautiful sconces in elegant home decorating.

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