Using Architectural Embellishments to Add Character and Style

elegant architectural details; decorative rosette and wall paneling

Interesting architectural embellishments such as corbels and brackets, pilasters, and molding trim add character and pizzazz to your home. After all, shouldn’t your home offer an inviting and stylish respite from the outside world and, in addition, be a reflection of who you are?

Your house should provide more than just protection from the elements and a place to store your belongings. It should be an inviting and warm home, a place where you enjoy spending your time and entertaining family and friends. Not only should your home allow you to accomplish all of the tasks in your busy life, but it also needs to reflect your unique personality and inspire you as you go about your daily tasks. Once you’ve found a home with wonderful “bones,” it’s time to add the crucial touches that transform your living space into a warm and sophisticated haven.

For a start, consider the openings in your home’s walls: doorways, windows, fireplaces, and niches of all sizes. You can quickly and easily enhance the look of these features by simply adding architectural elements known as pilasters. When used to frame an opening such as a doorway, pilasters finish the look and add an element of style. With the wide variety of available pilaster options, this is a decorative embellishment that complements any decorating style.

Wood corbels have traditionally been used to support weighty features such as shelves and countertops, but they can also be used in a purely decorative mode. In a kitchen or bathroom, the addition of corbel elements can draw attention to distinctive counters and cabinets, or they can become interesting objects of art in themselves. You can find decorative corbels crafted in styles that include botanical, animal, or Oriental designs, for example. These architectural embellishments can even serve as the artistic focal point for a room.

The ceiling decor is often overlooked when it comes to designing a welcoming and inspiring home interior. While it’s not often that you or your guests will look straight up at the ceiling, it’s important to consider that the view of the ceiling is almost always in the periphery. Don’t neglect the ceilings in your home; the incorporation of decorative elements such as crown molding trim and ceiling medallions can make the difference between a ho-hum room and a room that is truly a pleasure to inhabit. Whether painted to match the existing ceiling color or in a complementary color to make them “pop,” don’t underestimate the dramatic impact that decorative ceiling elements can offer.

With the inclusion of interesting and sophisticated architectural details throughout your home, it’s easy to transform your interior into a living space in which you and your family and guests will enjoy spending time.

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