Adding Instant Glamour with Crystal Table Lamps

crystal table lamps

The options you have in designing a stylish room are considerable, but in terms of maximum results for your time and effort, it’s truly hard to beat the impact that a couple of crystal table lamps can provide.

When it comes to fashioning your home’s interior, you might be surprised at how the addition of an item as small as a table lamp can add so much sparkle and style to any room. For instant wow-factor, consider crystal table lamps. These lamps are smaller in size than many decorative objects, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to the difference they make in the look and feel of a room’s decor.

Not only does the light from the lamp itself draw the eye, but the beautiful clear crystal reflects and magnifies the light, adding light, sparkle, and elegance to the entire room. Genuine crystal has been adding brilliance to housewares and decorative objects since about 500 B.C., and the popularity of crystal continues to this day. The most sparkling crystal contains lead, which enhances the ability of the crystal to refract light. Many crystal pieces are cut with facets, which add further brilliance to a piece. Top-quality crystal lamps utilize these qualities to enhance a room with an elegant style that never overwhelms.

One of the best things about beautiful crystal lamps is that they are at home with all types of decor, from traditional to contemporary. The design of the crystal bases is varied so that there are perfect choices to coordinate with any decorating style. Some homeowners choose a more ornately cut crystal table lamp so that it can serve as an artistic focus in addition to being a source of light. Other people select a simpler crystal lamp that adds subtle sparkle but doesn’t steal the spotlight.

Here is another example of incorporating crystal lamps into your decor. In this contemporary living room, crystal lamps are placed on the console table behind a sectional providing necessary lighting for reading and other couch activities while creating a visual separation of the space. This skillful arrangement of furnishing and lighting creates a welcoming entry area into a living space.

So where are some areas that would benefit from the addition of a crystal table lamp? It’s likely that you already consider these lamps ideal for living rooms, and you are correct. Crystal table lamps look stunning on an occasional table, and a pair of them flanking a sofa or love seat doubles the decorative impact that these source of light provide.

Crystal lamps can be perfect for areas that require functional lighting as well as a decorative object. This bright and airy traditional bedroom is a good example. The beautiful crystal lamps placed aside from the bed in the front of the windows refract natural light during the day and glow with glamour while providing necessary lighting at night.

You’ll also find that the bedroom is an ideal spot for a crystal table lamp, either on a nightstand or on a reading table next to a cozy armchair. The light and sparkle these lamps provide bring a subtle brilliance into an otherwise somber bedroom.

You can also use a crystal table lamp perched on a small table to lighten up a dark hallway or foyer. Since this area is one of the first that your guests will see, tap into the brightness and beauty of these lamps to turn a darker space into an inviting and welcoming environment.

crystal lamps

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27"H x 18"W x 10"D
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23"H x 13.5"W x 9"D


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