Hurricane Lamps

hurricane lamps; Solid white marble and polished brass are the perfect pairings in this sophisticated hurricane design

Hand-Crafted Hurricane Lamps

Hand-blown glass or crystal hurricane lamps can turn any moment into a celebration, especially if you would like to have a variety of decorative hurricane lamps. You can display your hurricane candle lamps virtually anywhere – on the table, floor, fireplace mantel, and shelves. Hurricane lamps add light, energy, color, and luxury to a room.

Some of the hurricane candle lamps have a unique openwork design, elaborate bases, and solid crystal accents. All our hurricane lamps are handcrafted by the finest artisans in Italy and the Far East. Designs of our hurricane lamps deeply rooted in tradition and will enhance any room in your home. Outstanding quality and incredible details of hurricane lamps make each of them a work of art that can become a great conversation piece.

Lighting a Space with Hurricane Lamps

Any room can become spectacular at night when decorated with our elaborate hurricane lamps. Don’t limit you candle colors to beige or off-white. Candles in the hurricane lamps provide delight in a rainbow of clear, saturated colors. Interiors by night can reveal a whole new dimension when given the added sparkle of candlelight from hurricane lamps. By placing a scented candle in the hurricane lamps you’ll create a romantic atmosphere filled with relaxing fragrance.

Lighting a space with hurricane lamps makes a room much more comfortable place in which to sit at night. Hand-blown cut crystal hurricane lamps projects a soft reflected pattern, creating beautiful shadows. Changing from moment to moment the effect of candlelight and shade that comes from hurricane lamps can change the perception of the surfaces that surround us. Patterns created by hurricane lamps are soft with fluid outlines have the power of relaxation.

Finishing Touches

When decorating your home think of finishing touches as be generous to your rooms, going an extra mile to add flair, polish, grace, and love.

If you think of your rooms as the flowerpot, soil, and water, then the objects you put in them will grow and flower, adding color, beauty, and fragrance to your home.

Enriching your home decor with such objects as hurricane lamp offers beauty and refinement. Hurricane candle lamp is an important decoration and can dress up or dress down the room.

Enrich a table setting with a little statue, hurricane lamp, flowers, and books. Open the top book to create an engaging and welcoming feeling.

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