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Napa Pierced Wood Molding

Napa pierced wood molding
Napa carved wood molding dimensions:

height - 3", depth - 7/8", length - 24",
design repeat - 12"

wood molding
each piece of molding comes with
two carved wood dowels-connectors (DW2)
wood list price your price qty
hard maple $90.00 $72.00
wood molding
cherry $102.50 $82.00
wood molding
red oak $92.50 $74.00
wood molding

Napa Pierced Wood Molding Description

Our pierced carved wood molding is hand carved in deep relief from premium selected hardwood. Wood molding is sold in 2 feet lengths with an innovative wood dowel system for creating a continuous run of multiple pieces.

Napa pierced molding have a beautiful design with grape clusters and grape vine motif. This wood molding comes finely sanded, ready to accept stain or paint. To coordinate this beautiful carved wood molding with rest of your architectural decor, you might will be interested on using some other wood carving products from our collection. view compatible products >>

Pierced Wood Molding Installation

Installation of our pierced wood molding is very easy:

1. Apply wood glue to both ends of wooden dowels

2. Insert dowels into predrilled holes on either end of the two pieces to be joined

3. Space pieces of wood molding proportioned to design repeat

The dowels blend into the pierced pattern of carved wood molding and giving you a consisted uninterrupted look. Holes on either side of the wood molding can be easily plugged by gluing dowels in place, than cutting to feet and sending flush for a seamless look.