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Expanding Wood Corbels Collection

clients eagerly anticipate arrival of newest additions

The design professionals at InvitingHome.com have always known that today's homeowners seek to express themselves through what is perhaps the biggest investment of their lives: their homes. And due to the upsurge of popularity in those architectural details known as corbels, especially those that feature unique, decorative designs, the InvitingHome.com website is eager to expand its corbel collection with its newest arrivals. The new additions to the corbel collection feature designs that have been adapted and expanded upon the styles that proved to be the most popular among their clients.

Corbels are architectural elements that were originally designed for means of utility, frequently spotted alongside a structural element as means of giving it, or at least appearing to give it, support. However, despite what could be considered a restriction in regards to their applications, many homeowners are so enamored with the overall look produced that a tendency to apply them throughout the home has taken hold. From the under the kitchen counter, to adorning the fireplace mantel, to inside doorways and even on the exteriors of houses, it seems that the demand for corbels has grown from a simmer to a boil.

"Of all the architectural products featured on our website, our collection of corbels has proven to generate unsurpassed interest and passion among our clients," says Julia Delaney, one designer. "The opportunity to customize the look and feel of their home, the opportunity to customize a sense of persona in their home, is made readily available to them through these corbels. And because they create such a dramatic difference, the fact that they are so easy to install, make these affordable design elements a no-brainer."

A review of the InvitingHome.com website reveals a wide selection of corbels in a multitude of different shapes, sizes and motifs, and the majority of styles offer several wood types to choose from. "The variety of our corbels collection practically guarantees that anyone, even homeowners with the most finicky tastes, will find a corbel that speaks to them," Julia remarked.

The popularity of wood carvings, particularly corbels, in recent years can be understood simply by their witnessing their visual impact firsthand. Once finishing and installation is complete, corbels have the power to strengthan the look and feel of any room in the home. "Corbels prove themselves to be pretty powerful tools when it comes to transforming the character of a room. They work in terms of the whole, by giving the room's interior a sense of presence, while at the same time making an artistic statement on their own," explains Jamie Meehan, a product specialist. "Corbels are the finishing touch. They give a timeless and polished look to a space, just like a pair of classic pearl earrings can pull together any wardrobe."

The InvitingHome.com website is unique; not only because of the wide selection of corbels showcased, but also because each of the wood corbels offered are carved by the hands of skilled artisans. This detail in itself, distinguishes these corbels as examples of art in one of its most traditional forms. In an age where mechanized production is commonplace, it is inherently refreshing to find beautiful, well-made products that have been the focus of an artist's attention and formed from human hands.

"There is a common misconception that hand carved corbels are inferior to those carved by machine. Corbels carved by machine are marketed toward the consumer under the pretense that any two corbels of the same style are identical in shape, size and characteristics of its carving, making them superior to their hand carved counterparts," explains Julia. "In reality, any two of our hand carved corbels are also exactly the same in regards to their shape and size. However, because these corbels are carved by human hands, the carvings do differ slightly from each other, since it is impossible to consistently replicate a human experience."

Ironically, while these slight variations result in corbels that are truly unique examples of art, it is also the variations that competitors attempt to convey as "flaws". The InvitingHome.com design professionals adamantly disagree with this notion: "When carved by human hands, the attention to detail given to the corbel, the artist's individual skill and inspiration, is evidenced in each and every piece. The pride in craftsmanship and the beauty of the finished product practically transcends the wood it was carved from."

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