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Wall Decor Objects

Even objects you put to practical use every day can be part of your wall decor. Your teapots, teacups and saucers, and decorative bowls and dishes become central to the spirit, mood, and atmosphere of the house. Look at your necessary everyday things. Do they represent a wide range of styles and tastes, or is there a unifying theme?

Decorative dinner and dessert plates can be hung on a wall with inexpensive spring-clip brackets or displayed on the shelves. We all have pretty, colorful plates that would look attractive displayed in a group on the wall. If you have blue-and-white china you can showcase it on your dining room wall accompanied by cups and vases. You can also mix decorative hanging plates with paintings or other objects. Hand-painted flower plates will look good on the kitchen wall among shiny copper pots and pans interspersed with amusing trompe l'oeil plates. If two plates are the same size, you can hang them on the wall one over the other symmetrically. But when decorating a whole wall, hang them to please the eye, not a measuring stick.

wall decor objects

The strength of color and decoration and the size and shape of the wall decor object have an impact on how the eye sees them on the wall. When you place them according to literal measurements, they may look static. Start with one, and than build from there. If you collect trompe l'oeil plates, using your eye is the only way to measure how they'll look in a grouping on a wall. Remember to move objects around to keep your eye refreshed. Enjoy the refinement of porcelain dishes and display them throughout our rooms, including bathroom.

decorative objects

You can also fill the decorative dishes with small objects, such as colorful stones, Venetian spun-glass eggs and balls, and hand-painted marbles in a rainbow of colors and place them on tabletops. If you are passionate about hand-blown glass, you can have several clear dishes with colored cones of hand-blown glass on display-shelf. Hand-blown glass plates, bowls, and glasses bring abundant beauty to tables-capes, and can be found at craft fairs and department stores. You can begin by collecting hand-blown glass dishes in different colors for use at the dinner table, and than bring the objects into your other rooms, such as your bathroom, as soap dishes or water glasses.

Plates are also effective decorative pieces when placed on racks on a mantel or table, and are best displayed in pairs. You can have pair of plates on a horizontal surface with an assortment of porcelain fruit and vegetables, creating a still life composition. Remember also your rooms and walls can have seasons as nature does. If you feel the urge to change the blue-and-white china to a set of flower-decorated plates for summer, it is quick, fun, and easy to make the switch.