large Montgomery cove molding

large Montgomery cove molding
large Montgomery cove molding

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Selecting Wall Decor Materials

When selecting a finish for a wall, you need an understanding of the functional, aesthetic, and economic requirements of the space. From a functional viewpoint, the amount of use or traffic in the area is a critical factor. For example, corridors, walkways, or other and other high-traffic areas of your home will require wall treatments that are more durable and easy to maintain. Chair-rail molding and durable baseboard made of environmentally safe High Definition Polymer System (HDPS) have incredible strength and are shock resistant; Outstanding qualities made these moldings appropriate for high traffic areas in commercial and residential interiors.

Some rooms may require sound-absorbing wall coverings. Libraries, studies, music rooms, and offices benefit from soft, absorbent wall coverings. Large rooms with hard surface flooring benefit from the use of cork walls or fabric panels, which also can double as display areas. In historic buildings, you may need to use materials that hide imperfections. Flat paint conceals flaws better than a semi-gloss.

Aesthetically, the architectural details of the room may direct the selection of the wall finish. An adobe fireplace would allow for a more casual finish. A traditional fireplace mantels may call for a more subdued wall material or paint. A traditional setting also may require an elaborate pattern or trompe L'oeil print. A strong contemporary structure may dictate the use of sleek metals and poured concrete walls. Large expanses of glass or glass block also may be appropriate.

You need to know whether the wall will serve as a focal point or as a backdrop for other objects. A strong, brilliant wall covering may be appropriate for a kitchen; however, if you plan on displaying an artwork the wall material should be neutral so the focus is on the art.

When selecting patterned wallpaper, it is important to consider the scale of the room and select a pattern compatible with it. A small pin dot or petite floral may function well in a bathroom wall, but would be out of scale for a dining room or foyer. A wall treatment with a vertical stripe will increase the apparent height of a room, whereas a horizontal stripe will make the ceiling feel lower. Diagonal stripes on a wall can create confusion and disorientation and are not recommended unless vibrancy is the goal.

From an economic point of view, if you are on a limited budget, or if time is a major consideration, a new coat of paint is probably the best solution. Paint is the least expensive and easiest interior wall finish to change. A new coat of paint will dramatically alter a room's presence. Accentuated wood molding or doors also will create a new energizing effect.

Finally, if you concerned with environmental issues, you should use environmentally friendly products.