cumberland panel molding

Cumberland panel molding
designer - Natella Balan (NB Decor)
beautiful bedroomroom with unique wall decor

Bedroom Decor with Flair

Creating a beautifully elegant bedroom space is fun and exciting. Making it unique keeps it fresh and interesting for many years. Using unexpected design elements on walls like molding or panel molding is a great way to express your flair for new design trends.

This fascinating combination of artfully used panel molding creates a special serene backdrop alluding to a tree filled forest in this beautiful bedroom. Hand painted artistic touches like birds add a sense of sophistication that enters into the realm of realism. Unexpected use of common materials like molding can create almost any design the mind can possibly dream of.

Wonderful design ideas include creating a frame and then adding extra elements to dress it up. Or, simply use the frame you have made as a uniquely crafted headboard. By adding special accent pieces like end tables, decorative lamps and interesting throw pillows, the look becomes completely pulled together in a beautiful and very original way.

Using molding is easy to do. It requires only the most basic woodworking tools. Once your design elements are crafted, they can then be painted in any color you wish since it comes already pre-primed with a high-quality water-based white paint. Panel molding can be cut into fascinating shapes, like interesting tree branches, which add such a wonderful textural element to the entire beautiful design.

The greatest design ideas often contain the most unexpected elements and when materials like panel molding are used, those designs come to life in a very interesting three-dimensional way. The finish on molding is exceptionally smooth and is made from very sturdy polyurethane material which makes it very easy to paint in any color you wish. If you would rather leave it white, that's always a classically beautiful option as well.

The idea is to express your own style in the space you create, especially when it comes to decorating a bedroom. Other areas of the home may be decorated in more traditional styles, but bedrooms are where the most brilliant and fascinating design ideas can come to life in some very unique ways. Certain rooms of the home simply lend themselves to the original expression of flair and artful design.

Artistic talent flourishes in a quiet, serene retreat like a bedroom. No matter what your taste leans toward from ultra-modern elements to more traditional elements, or even towards outdoorsy elements like creating a pretty three-dimensional wooded area, a bedroom is the perfect place to let your style shine. Just imagine that blank wall is an artists canvas and you are there to design it any way you wish. Then allow your imagination to meander freely and create the beautiful room you have always dreamed of.