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Natural Earth Colors

Natural earth colors are inorganic pigments found in minerals, principally iron oxides, from the soil. They are washed and ground, than mixed with other substances to create paints or dyes, parth colors usually include ocher (yellow), sienna, red oxide (red), umber (brown), and terra verde (green).

Earth colons have been used for millennia. For example, these pigments were used by the ancient Egyptians to paint the walls of their tombs, and by the artists of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in their paintings.

Earth colors are still used today for many purposes, especially to help protect items from corrosion. Earth colors are the most permanent colors available, are usually nontoxic, and are not affected by atmospheric conditions.

green design

Green Design
wall color

Wall Color

If you are selling your house. The perception of newness can be a real asset to your home. Newness can eliminate territorial anxiety, increase the feeling of value, and suggest a well-maintained property. Color can be used to suggest all three, and do so without your spending a great deal of money. A freshly painted walls can create the same feeling of newness projected by model homes. Painting can create a crisp, clean feeling that can also eliminate many of the personal clues that can create discomfort to potential buyers.

Fresh paint can also bring back to life the surface to which it is applied. For example, worn and weathered shingle siding can look brand new after a fresh coat of paint; even in the basement tired walls and ceilings can be improved dramatically by simply applying a coat of color. A good test to determine the condition of painted walls is to remove any pictures or paintings you may have on them. If the area behind a picture, for example, is brighter and cleaner than the remainder of the wall, seriously consider repainting the area.

Color It New

Not only does a fresh coat of paint suggest newness but so, too, can the color itself. Like fashions, automobile design, and music, colors change with the times. Although some colors, like white and beige, are timeless, others, like chocolate brown or harvest gold, are often associated with certain eras. By applying up-to-date colors to older items in your home, you can avoid the question of age. Obviously there are some aspects of your home whose charm and character you will want to emphasize. But certain rooms in a house or condo, like kitchens or bathrooms, are looked upon more favorably by buyers when they are new.

There are some significant color trends that are reflected in anything from clothing to automobiles. There seems to be a definite correlation between the mood and economy of the country and the popularity of certain colors. In the seventies, a period marked by economic slump and political upheaval, dark heavy earth-tone colors like chocolate brown, for example, were very widely used. The eighties appear to be a time of optimism and economic growth, and the color trends reflect this. Soft pastels and elegant traditional colors are replacing the heavy hues. There is a real renaissance in the historic color themes, as proven by the success of the historic paint lines.