large Montgomery cove molding

Classic panel molding
designer - Natella Balan (NB Decor)
whimsical wall design for little girl bedroom

Creativity Thrives In This Delightfully Pretty Little Girls Room

A delightful little girls room becomes a dream come true space for the sweetest little girl who is so dear to the heart. Little Sophie or Sara can have her own customized space filled with brightly colored painted flowers that add a sense of whimsy and magic to the space. Extra touches hand painted by an artist add expressive elements of all the things that are dearest to little girls like ballerina's, fairy princesses and all the most fascinating characters from her favorite fairy tales.

Tuck her in at night in her own precious space created just for her. Beautifully shiny silver wallpaper is given brand new life with vibrant and brightly colored flowers hand painted on the paper. Surround that section of wallpaper with pretty molding in the shape of a frame and paint it pastel pink or bright green to bring all her fondest fantasies to bold, brilliant life.

Panel molding can be used to form a pretty decorative box which is then attached to the wall and used to create a faux window treatment even where there is no window. Imagine the whimsy and folly of a window treatment with no window. This sparks the wildly creative and expressive imagination of any child. Add that special child's first initial to the decorative box and watch their eyes light up when they realize that this special room really is their own personalized dream come true space.

To fashion creative frames for the wallpaper art, it is simple to take both straight edge pieces and corner pieces of molding and use adhesive specially made for molding to glue the pieces together. Once they are completely dry, they can be painted in bright pink or in electric hot neon green, whatever shade is tickling her fancy at the moment.

Many times, it is best to use a neutral color on the main walls and touch the room up with exciting and colorful splashes of all her favorite colors. She will love the bright and bouncy colors and if her taste changes as she grows, colors and decorative accents can be changed in the future to match the way she is feeling at any moment. Giving that precious little girl a room to grow in is a wonderful gift.

The lucky little girl who is able to enjoy this room for years to come will be thrilled by the uniquely personalized and creative touches like the box made of panel molding made especially for her, found in her very own space. Perfectly match that charming little girls bubbly, bouncy and effervescent personality with a room she will be proud to grow up in. Hopefully, she will not grow up too fast.