cumberland panel molding

Cumberland panel molding
designer - Natella Balan (NB Decor)
beautiful dining room decor

Beautiful Dining Room Decor Sets An Elegant Mood

The quintessential gathering place near the end of any busy day is always the dining room. It seems as if everyone meets there to share delicious food, warm friendship, happenings of the day and humorous anecdotes. Creating memories is best done in a dining room that is warm and inviting. This fosters a sense among people that they want to linger in the room a while longer over dessert or over a warm cup of coffee.

Gleaning design inspiration from the mysterious and exotic Orient, this beautiful dining room decor helps to create that calm, peaceful and serene backdrop needed for a great gathering. This wonderful feeling helps everyone to thoroughly enjoy all those thoughtful dinner conversations. The beauty of this design is that it is easy to create by using a few simple to use design elements.

Molding is used in an exciting new way to frame an exotic floral painted wallpaper panel, lovingly created and hand-painted with tiny cherry blossoms. Wallpaper takes on a new look of sophistication and excitement to effectively create a mysterious, Oriental aura in the room. When wallpaper is beautifully framed using molding which has been painted a coordinating color, the look becomes a breathtaking display of exotic Asian influence.

For an even more worldly feel, simply place arrangements of bamboo in attractive vases. Then, add other Asian influenced touches like pictures of dragons and pagodas to make the room come alive. A more subtle Asian atmosphere is created simply by the pretty framing of understated and elegant wallpaper. You can go as far as you want to with design. It is a very personal choice.

It's possible to create any ambiance simply by varying the type of pretty accents placed throughout the room. Fresh orchids are always a nice choice in any Asian inspired room when they are placed in a vase and used as a centerpiece. Whatever your heart desires and whatever can be imagined can be done when pretty panel molding with wallpaper is used as a background canvas along with a frame crafted from molding.

When wallpaper is glued to the panel molding to create a unique canvas, it has the extra benefit that wallpaper is not glued to walls. Any design inspiration you choose can be used to express your own artistic take on a style. The possibilities are only limited by the depth of your imagination.

Catching up with everyone in the dining room at the end of a hectic day has never felt more relaxing than when you are surrounded by the beautiful design elements you love. Create a dining room that everyone will love to gather in. Craft a room that inspires the making of memories.