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Ceiling Medallions Add Unexpected Elegance to Walls

If you're considering a change in the look of the walls in a room, you may think about the more common or traditional elements of design. Wall decorations, including pictures, decorative shelving and other elements, are excellent additions to your decor. On the other hand, the implementation of design elements that are completely unexpected can transform a room into an eye-popping exhibit. If you have the desire to go down the road less traveled, consider ceiling medallions.

Ceiling medallions have been around almost as long as ceilings themselves. In the Victorian era, ceiling medallions situated over opulent chandeliers were common design elements in middle- and upper-class homes. The decorative panels of that era were usually quite large and ornate, in round, oval or geometric shapes. They demanded the attention of all who entered the room. Historically, they were fashioned from plaster, marble or other heavy material. Today, most are fabricated from lightweight wood or polyurethane. Although the presence of ceiling medallions in modern homes is much less common today than they were in ages past, they are delightful and tasteful elements of room decor - especially as wall decorations. It seems a shame to keep them on the ceiling.

ceiling medallions on the wall

These wonderfully innovative and flexible design elements can be found in a mind-boggling array of shapes, sizes and designs. Many are intricately detailed with delicate leaves, scrolls, curves and other beautiful designs. Others may not be as ornate, but they are no less elegant.

Depending on the size of the wall, you can place a single large medallion with tons of detail for a dramatic statement. A small collection of ceiling medallions of different shapes and sizes can be grouped loosely over a sofa, decorative table or piano. Such a collection of elegant pieces can draw the eye as no other wall decoration can. An entire wall covered with these beautiful wall decorations a variety of sizes and detail is breathtaking to behold.

These "upwardly mobile" elements of design are wonderfully versatile. Some medallions have open centers; some have centers that can be cut out. Either one can be used as dramatic wall decorations. You can paint them to match the color of the wall, which creates a bas-relief that appears to be carved from the wall itself. Paint them in a color that contrasts the color on the wall, and you bring out the exquisite detail of the medallion. Try layering two medallions of differing sizes, similar to a tiered cake. This creates a unique, three-dimensional piece of art.

The next time you're looking for interesting and unique wall decorations don't forget to look up. For those who love the unusual and unexpected, the use of ceiling medallions on the wall is a lofty departure from the mainstream.