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Bedroom Wall Decor

We spend on average six to nine hours out of every twenty-four in bed. For most of us, this is the longest time in a day that we are in one place, so the location and design of the bedroom and the positioning of the bed provide a superb opportunity to align yourself with the natural flow of energy in a way that helps you in other areas of your life.

A good night's sleep is essential for health, so it is also important to have a bedroom decor that calms you at the end of a busy day, and helps you to sleep well. It should also be a place where you wake up feeling refreshed, full of vitality and enthusiasm to make the most of a new day.

The bedroom decor as well as bedroom closet and bedroom lighting have a significant influence on adult relationships, being where physical intimacy take place. If you live in a large family, your bedroom is often the only place that is exclusively yours, and privacy is also an important consideration. If possible, it is better not to use your bedroom for activities that require a different atmosphere, such as work. In the end, both will suffer. In master bedroom you should try to maintain an energy of romance and contentment.

Bedroom wall decor should fulfill requirements of promoting relaxation, restful sleep, and the quiet privacy necessary to foster intimate relationship. Bedroom should also contain lively, uplifting, and cheerful elements to make it a pleasant place in which to wake up and begin the day.

Wall color is one of the bedroom decor basics. Bedroom wall color assists in evoking a variety of moods. Visualize bedroom with certain color schemes and sense the mood of each - romantic, soft, sweet, soothing, striking. You can look at colors in a more daring way and combine them to create harmony that suits your spirit. Pinks, white and gray colors are favorable for bedroom walls, they look wonderful when accented with touches of red, silver and gold. more red increases the romantic ambiance, while off-white or cream creates peace and tranquility. Irregular patterns on the wall produced by fox-finishing (sponging and color-washing) are calming. It makes this type of wall finish perfect for those who have trouble sleeping.