beautiful architectural wall decor
architectural wall decor

Beautiful Wall Decor

The ancient philosopher Clatonius believed that "the soul that beholds beauty becomes beautiful". If you believe, as he does, you should continuously try to bathe your eyes in great beauty. On any budget, you should focus on transcendent beauty.

There is far too much manmade ugliness in this world. Everything you do in the architectural embellishment of your house should be as uplifting and illuminating as you have the wit and strength to carry off. If all areas of your life can be made more beautiful, your spirit will never be broken by a dark, rainy day. You cannot underestimate the importance of beautiful wall decor. Beauty of your walls outweighs even considerations of convenience or practicality because it gives you emotional comfort. You may find the most logical moldings, but if it is not pleasing to the eye, it is a waste of your precious funds even if the dimensions are perfect and the price is right.

While everyone loves a bargain, when you make a purchase of molding for your wall decor in the name of saving money you must focus on whether you want the molding in your house. Ask yourself: Do I find it aesthetically pleasing? Nothing is a good bargain if your only reason for buying it is its cheap price. If you can avoid buying bric-a-brac and meaningless, shoddy moldings in the name of a great bargain, over a lifetime you will save a great deal of money and space.

In order to live a beautiful life you have to revere beauty. It is a wise investment to surround yourself, family, and friends with artistic expressions of what you find beautiful. When you don't try to stretch your dollar too thin, in time you'll build an aesthetic background for your life that represents your taste. All your essential wall decor needs can be met in tasteful ways.