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Wainscoting is a type of wall paneling with a repetitive design and is used to cover walls from floor to ceiling. More decorative wainscoting has box moldings and chamfers etched into the wood's edges. Battens, which arc narrow strips of wood, are also a good way to add a decorative- touch to walls. Raised paneling is another traditional approach to adding a decorative component often used in studies and libraries. A structure of flat rectangular surfaces placed between stiles and rails is a popular option as well.


waterproof wainscoting boston wainscoting Boston Wainscoting
wainscoting NWG1

3-1/8"W x 3/8"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 24.72
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wainscoting  Maryland wainscoting Maryland Wainscoting
wainscoting NWG2

3-5/8"W x 9/16"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 34.56
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Top Nosing for Wainscoting

wainscoting cap manchester wainscoting cap Manchester Wainscoting Cap
wainscoting cap WFL6

6/8"H x 4/8"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 12.60
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  delaware wainscoting cap Delaware Wainscoting Cap
wainscoting cap WFL7

7/8"H x 5/8"P x 8'00"L

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adhesive for wainscoting Wainscoting Adhesive See Also
Adefix F&W - ADFW

Adhesive 10 0z. Tube

An extra strong adhesive for installation of wainscoting, baseboard and chair-rail made of High Definition Polymer System

list price: $ 15.60
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Baseboard Molding
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Panel and Chair-Rail Molding
Creating a Showpiece Bathroom Decor

molding for bathroom

Much in the way that molding can help to turn a ho-hum ceiling into a richly detailed marvel, wainscoting paneling is a simple addition that can spice up the walls in a bathroom. Once used as a barrier to the cold stone walls in older homes, wainscoting now serves mainly a decorative purpose, although it is helpful in preventing scuff marks on walls. Today's wainscoting couldn't be easier to install; decorative wainscoting panels snap into place and are quickly secured with a special adhesive. Once the wainscoting is in place, finish it off at chair rail height with a simple horizontal trim, and voila, your bathroom's walls are transformed into a simple yet elegant work of art...


Wainscoting Made Easy

Have you been thinking about adding a beautiful wainscoting to a room or rooms in your home? It is a perfect way to add something special to a room without adding heavy detail. The best part about this beautiful wainscoting is because it's a snap!

The flat-paneled bead-board tongue-and-groove wainscoting is easy to install and is virtually fool-proof. Each one of the pieces easily snaps in and stays in place with a bit of wainscoting adhesive. The top nosing for the wainscoting is just like a cherry on top of a sundae. There is no easier way of getting something of the same caliber of beauty and elegance.

With the help of the Invitinghome.com wainscoting you can achieve a more casual dining room that you have always dreamed of. It will easily go with a casual and a bit more formal dining room and will never falter to add that special something. The dining room is a perfect place for wainscoting because that is where people gather and there is no better match for great food than a great decor to eat the food in.

bathroom wainscoting

Your Heavenly Wainscoting Solution

Where there are large traffic areas, there will be at least a few scuff marks and maybe some other damage to the walls. If you would use the wainscoting, than you would have an easily cleanable solution.

This wainscoting is easily cleaned and does not harbor bacteria. It is resistant to moisture so it is not susceptible to mold and mildew. It makes the wainscoting absolutely perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. The bathroom and the kitchen are usually the places that are most neglected because they are the two places in which there has to be easy access to everything. Clutter in the kitchen or the bathroom space is unwanted, so decorating with accessories is not that great of an idea because that will create the clutter that should be avoided in the first place.

The wainscoting would be absolutely perfect for a refinished basement as well. That way you could boldly turn your basement into a game room without having to worry even a little about what effects that could have on your walls. You wouldnít have to worry about the moisture that is usually found in the basements because of the moisture resistant properties of the wainscoting.

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green wainscoting

Green Wainscoting

By using High Definition Polymer System (HDPS) wainscoting you would be helping the environment as well as protecting you and your family. Besides being hypoallergenic and fully recyclable, this wainscoting helps reduce heating and cooling bills by improving thermal insulation. The extra layer on the wall will help your house to keep the heat in during the wintertime. This wonderful wainscoting material is also CFC, PVC, and Formaldehyde free. Some companies have known to use CFC as a blowing agent for polyurethane. It helps because it makes it much easier to control the foam and mold it into the perfect pattern.

The blowing agent that is used for the manufacturing of this wainscoting is made with azodicarbomide and they are much friendlier to the environment and much better for your family's well being. Think about itóbad for the planet means definitely bad for you. Many act as if helping the planet is the same thing as simply helping out a stranger, but you would really be helping yourself.

This is your perfect tip to share with the people around you because it is your turn to be the designer star among your friends. It is never too late to make your house beautiful especially with this new wainscoting. It is a great idea to find moldings that complement the wainscoting. Look for moldings with nice, clean profiles on this web-site.

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bead-board wainscoting

Flat-Paneled Bead-Board Wainscoting

Bead-board tongue-and-groove wainscoting was widely used from 1800 up to the early 1900s. Today bead-board wainscoting mainly associated with capturing the look of country-style kitchens and bathrooms.

Bead board, a type of wainscoting, adds casual country charm to bathrooms, halls, and kitchens. A series of thin boards edged with a thin bead arc placed vertically side by side to create a wall.

Bead board can run up to a chair rail about one-third of the room's height to two-thirds up to what is called a plate rail. It is a great wall covering for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and basements because it is much easier to clean than plain dry wall. Wainscoting is ideal for high traffic areas and commercial applications such as clubhouses, lobbies and exercise rooms


What is Wainscoting

Some of the most popular molding treatments through the years have been based on wainscoting. That term covers a wide variety of materials and moldings that you can combine in frames and panels to create a decorative treatment for the lower portion of a wall.

There are some classic arrangements, such as narrow tongue-arid-groove boards that are set vertically. You can run wainscots up to chair rail height or higher and cap them with a thin strip of trim or a wide shelf. The wainscoting treatment is extremely versatile, so you may see it in country cottages or city townhouses. You also can combine the treatment with short walls, pillars, and pilasters at openings to define main entrances and passageways.

You can run bead-board wainscoting between a baseboard and a top nosing or shelf without any other elements. At the other end of the spectrum is the kind of complete wainscoting system.